Scientists said the disappearance of the professions of surgeon and writer

Scientists from the Institute for the future of humanity at Oxford University in Britain and the Department of political science at Yale University in the USA estimated time when artificial intelligence will surpass human brain.

Briefly about the study reports New Scientist.

According to scientists, artificial intelligence will surpass human capabilities in the translation of languages by 2024, the essays at the end of high school — to 2026-Moo, will replace truck drivers — to 2027.

In this profession retailers will disappear in 2031, writers specializing in fiction, 2049 mu. Surgeons will be unnecessary to 2053.

Scientists believe that with a probability of 50% artificial intelligence will replace human in 45 years, and after 120 years in all possible working positions will be used exclusively by the computer.

It is noted that the study is based on a global survey of 352 global experts in the field of artificial intelligence. The authors note that Asian scientists give more optimistic projections for the replacement of man by computer (average 30 years) than North American (74 years).