The American is knocked down by a car deer and has accused the accident of Bigfoot

50-year-old resident of the United States knocked on your Subaru Forester deer and blamed Sasquatch, also known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. It is reported by “Motor” with reference to The Drive.

The incident occurred in Idaho. According to the victim, she was driving on highway 95 towards the South, when I saw on the side of a six-foot creature in her description fits sasquach that chases the deer.

She then began to look in the rear view mirror to carefully study the creature, but did not notice ran out into the road a deer and crashed into him. The victim did not specify whether it was the same deer that was trying to hide from Bigfoot, or other representative of this species.

Arrived at the accident scene, police American woman could not give evidence that the cause of the accident became it Bigfoot because, apparently, the creature does not come into direct contact with the driver of the Forester.

Scientists are skeptical about the existence of Bigfoot. Estimated sasquach scalp is kept in the monastery of the Nepalese village Kampung, but in 2016, the Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Komarov managed to get the hair from the scalp and give it for examination which has shown that it is not a matter of biological origin.