The DPRK sees through the plans of Japan and the United States

The policy of pressure of the USA and Japan against provocations the DPRK is being tested. The DPRK understands that China and Russia take passive approach to the strengthening of sanctions and the “red line” of the United States. It becomes obvious that scare tactics are still closer to their limits.

The government of Japan has not changed its course: it is necessary to increase the pressure to the joint efforts of Japan and the United States. It is planned that in the nearest future patrol ship of naval forces of self-defense of Japan will be in Japanese territorial waters for joint exercises with the us nuclear aircraft carrier “Ronald Reagan”. May 16, “Ronald Reagan” left a military base “Yokosuka”, and is currently in the Pacific ocean.

It is expected that in the near future he will be heading North towards the Korean Peninsula. On the road to be joined by a Japanese escort ship and they will hold a series of maneuvers and test communications.

In April, the naval self-defense forces of Japan conducted exercises with us aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”. The aim was to exert pressure on the DPRK due to the demonstration of military cooperation between Japan and the United States.

29 may foreign Minister Fumio Kishida about 25 minutes talking on the phone with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. After negotiations, Minister Kishida told reporters: “We have agreed to cooperate to increase pressure on North Korea based on the results of the G7 summit and the meeting of heads of Japan and the United States.”

Kishida and Tillerson confirmed their intention to take concrete measures to improve the effectiveness of the defense system. They also agreed to actively influence China and Russia.

The impression is that the sanctions that should cause economic blow to the DPRK, ineffective. In a joint statement, G7 leaders said that they consider the North Korean problem as a threat to a new level and a priority of the international community, but the reality is that North Korea does not perceive the words.

The U.S. Congress is discussing a bill according to which foreign companies which hire workers from North Korea will be sanctioned, however, for the realization of this idea can not do without the assistance of Russia and China.

On may 29, President trump wrote on Twitter: “North Korea again launched a ballistic missile. It’s disrespectful to neighboring China.” In addition, he said that China is also making every possible effort.