The second wave of coronavirus: in Armenia, made an alarming statement

Prime Minister Pashinyan told how to reduce the incidence to zero

In that time, some countries declare a complete victory on the coronavirus, the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan announced the beginning of the second wave of the epidemic in the country.

“In connection with the coronavirus in the country in a rather dire situation. And we, in fact, dealing with the second wave of the virus,” he said at a meeting of the government on may 27.

After slowing down the spread of the virus, the number of new cases in Armenia on may 26, jumped to 372 per day. Since the epidemic began in the country in March there are 7 774 cases COVID-19, of whom 98 died.

However, Pashinyan claims that the authorities know how to reduce the incidence to zero. To do this, follow the three rules: wear a mask, disinfect or wash your hands with soap and water and adhere to social distance.

According to him, Armenians have not learned to live with the coronavirus, he will survive at least another year, and will have to adapt.

May 14, Armenia extended a state of emergency for 30 days, but with the may 18 quarantine has weakened – launched public transport, resumed the work of kindergartens, gymnasiums and shopping centres. And on 25 may, the country has introduced a mandatory mask mode.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Georgia announced plans to launch international tourism. How this would happen, told Prime Minister George Gakharia.

What is the situation with the fight against coronavirus in other countries, watch the movie: