From 17 USD to hundreds of thousands of the extreme fines in Ukraine

Along with the growth of the minimum salary up to 3200 UAH in Ukraine increased and penalties for violation of labor laws. For example, for paying salaries “in envelope” and accordingly, non-payment of ERUs, the employer will pay today 320 thousand UAH. This figure has been controversial. Many experts are surprised by this impressive figure. “Today” studied Administrative code and found that is not always the punishment fit the crime.

NOT FOR SENKA CAP. The penalty for failure to pay the single social contribution was not the only bad news for employers this month. So, if the owner refuses to permit officials that enforce labor laws, he will be punished for 9600 UAH. But these amounts are far not a limit. For example, the penalty for using a uncleared car can be 618 thousand UAH — that’s how much paid last year the inhabitant of Odessa region for Volvos from Jordan. The court ruled that the driver must pay 300% of the cost of clearance, the amount of which depends on the engine size, type, age of the machine.

But at the same time remain in Ukraine and frankly paltry fines for serious offences. So, for cruelty to animals, for example, the owner will pay a maximum of 357 UAH. Lawyer Vladimir Stolitny notes that some of the penalties remain low due to the fact that their years are not revised. “As for the penalty for non-admission of the inspectors, there is a caveat: the document that would regulate their rights and obligations during the inspection, not officially. That is banal there is no order of entry to the enterprise. And if the Director went to the Bank the check came, and the box with all documents closed and the key and the Director? What’s next? Crack the safe or to impose a fine?” — said the expert. Lawyers say that the adequacy of penalties should reconsider the special Commission of the Cabinet or Parliament. She needs to check what the damage is and, accordingly, set punishment. “As for the current penalties, I do not understand how the deputies expect these amounts and what base their numbers,” — said the lawyer, Eugene Licorice.

In turn, the political scientist Ruslan Bortnik said that clearly underestimated the penalties for serious misconduct may be the result of corruption in the government: “People are exploiting the territory that are illegally in possession (whether it is water bodies or zemuchastki), doing everything to they had not increased and not changed”.

AND AS THEY HAVE. Not only in Ukraine, there are distortions in the punishment. For example, in Florida (USA), if the motorist hit a pedestrian, it must pay the state $69,5. But thrown into the roadside trash will cost $500. Even more paradoxical situation in California: in the town of Chico for the explosion of a nuclear device within city limits will need to pay $500. The fine for SMS-mailing for spammers — $5000. While in Singapore for crossing the road in the wrong place pay 100 Singapore dollars (just over 1900 UAH), and for chewing gum (it’s illegal in the state) will pull already for a thousand (19 thousand UAH).