Muslims refuse to bury terrorists Manchester

Muslim organizations and mosques of Manchester refuse to deal with questions of burial, Salman Abedi, as a result of actions which killed 22 visitor “Manchester-Arena”.

Also the terrorist refuse to bury, local councils and the funeral home. Currently, his remains are in the morgue outside of Manchester.

According to available information, the local authorities are strongly opposed to the body of the terrorist was buried or cremated in the city, reports the Daily Mail.

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The remains of Abedi can’t get and his family. The elder brother of the terrorist Ismail in detention in Manchester, while his parents and younger brother are in Libya. The father and the younger brother of Salman Abedi, was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the group ISIL.

It is reported that the final decision about the fate of the remains of Salman Abedi, will be made by judicial authorities after the investigation.

We will remind, the terrorist detonated a bomb in the lobby of the stadium “Manchester arena” the evening of may 22 after a music concert. Killed 22 people, including seven children. 66 victims are still in hospitals.