Kyrgyzstan: the Video sparked controversy about the limits of what is permitted for young women

Recently released a music video promoting the upcoming release of the new film caused a wave of indignation about the alleged indecent behaviour starring in the video the girls. The case became just the latest episode in the ongoing debate over conservative and liberal values.

In this clip — the aim of which was to arouse interest in the horror movie “Albasty”, which should appear in theaters June 1 — three girls sing in voluptuous anticipation of the arrival of the protagonist of the film Alberty. Although the tone of the film is serious and dramatic, its creators decided to use it for advertising something more fun.

According to Kyrgyz legend, Alberti — a mysterious and vicious creature to the sleeping victim to strangle her.

But in the clip, the creators of all turned on its head, adding a hint of sexy pranks: “Every night I lie in bed naked/ He comes, but I pretend not to see him/ He falls on top of/ And everything begins/ First Albarty playing with me/ And then I play with him.”

As if that wasn’t enough, a few conservative lobby in Kyrgyzstan does not seem — in the clip itself Alberti begins to sing: “I play with girls I play with boys I play with the old/ I play with the young/ And I even played with goats!”

Violent reaction of the Internet community not long in coming, which somewhat surprised the creators of the clip. Before Alymbaeva, one of starring in the clip of the girls explained that the main purpose was advertising for the film. “We decided to release the film this clip with a drop of black humor. For people 18 and older,” she said.



The Director of the video Askar Dumania surprised outrage in the community. “We didn’t think that people are so critical and cynical would react [to clip], he said. — Humor is humor, people need a little easier and safer to treat everything”.

According to critics, the outrage is a loose clip, and — what’s worse is that the creators of the clip mess Kyrgyz folk legends sexy theme.

“That was bullshit,’ said Urmat Kaliev, a former member of the Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic. — First clip is immoral. Second, they don’t know which clips to take off? Thirdly, what is this nonsense. Well and fourthly, it is not necessary to joke with otherworldly forces. They will chase you!”

Many members of the Internet community, apparently, share a similar point of view. Some even said that starring in the music video girl — no more than prostitutes who “disgrace the nation”.

“We, the Kyrgyz, appreciate concepts such as discipline, traditions and customs. If we let our beauties moral fall, then tomorrow we can just give up their land, freedom and dignity of the neighboring Nations,” reads a review in YouTube that received the highest number of votes.

But were not silent, and the representatives of the opposite camp, expressed support for the girls because they made fun of the traditional mores, and challenged the taboo on sexual topics in the entertainment industry.

“In our society with all its foibles, is so critical related to creative expression, I fully support such clips. The clip was funny, although the humor was sometimes, well, you know… But I liked that the girls were not shy and not afraid,” said the Bishkek businessman Samarbek Amirali, who considers himself a feminist.

Bishkek activist Reina Artenova somewhat more skeptical about humor in the clip. According to her, although we can not say that the video promotes ideals of feminism, the positive aspect was that girl in the video is depicted as active participants and not helpless victims.

In the Kyrgyz Internet in recent years a growing mass of sexist humor, where women put in a subordinate position relative to men, and clip about Alberty, according to Arturbo, went against the tide.

“All this may seem just a joke, but they impose an unequal role in society, she said. But when the song touches on forbidden topics, personal questions is a sign of the emancipation of women.”