How to keep fit at work: six simple rules

Work takes up most of the time, every working person, but this is not a reason to run itself. If you combine the trip to the office and the gym does not work, then you need to use “improvised” means.

How to care for the health and beauty of your body is possible without departing from the basic tasks, knows


To support the weight on one level, strengthen bones and muscles, relieve stress and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, you need to be active. For this to take place at a pace at least 10,000 steps a day. But if you want to lose weight, you have to walk more and faster, almost running, like you’re late for the bus.

Go to and from work, do not get off a couple of stops to your destination, go out to lunch, ignore escalators and elevators. Go with intervals, but the duration of your walk should be 30-40 minutes per day.


If you have a sedentary job, it is during the day take small breaks to walk, stretch your body, stand up in the strap. If such physical flexing is impossible, try to warm up, not getting up from his chair:

  • rotate ankles;
  • reach out with your hands up;
  • do waist twists;
  • lift with your legs;
  • tense your buttocks.

Of course, these exercises will not replace a real sport, but they will help to combat common office illnesses.

If a large part of the working day you are standing, this is also not good for the legs have veins and joints. So buy quality shoes, which maintains the correct position of the foot, no pressure and no rubbing. Try from time to time to sit down or lean on a wall, table, chair, etc.

Drinking enough water

Sometimes hunger is disguised as thirst. So next time when you want something to eat, drink a glass of water. This will create a feeling of a full stomach will discourage cococnut. Moreover water removes toxins from the body and starts the metabolism. This is what you need to maintain a good shape!

Eat simple foods, 5 times a day

This approach to catering allows you to “accelerate” metabolism and not leave any chance of hunger. Eat more healthy and simple food that is familiar to your area of residence. Diversify your diet of cereals, lean meat, fish and poultry, seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries. It is better to bake, boil or steamed or grilled without adding oil. Always let your table will be foods high in fiber.

You should have 3 main meals and two additional healthy snack: 100g cottage cheese, 15g walnuts, 5 pieces of prunes, 4 pieces of a biscuit. But not all together, and either/or.

Do not skip Breakfast

Breakfast is your most trusted ally in the fight against extra pounds after eating a substantial Breakfast at home, you will increase efficiency by 30% and coming to work will not be taking a bite of pie, cookies or candy.

In addition, scientists have proved that the people, accustomed to Breakfast, a stronger immune system than those who ignore morning meal. Oddly enough, porridge or scrambled eggs in the morning help the immune system to be strong and to fight infections.

But you don’t need force to push in their own food immediately after waking up. For starters, drink a glass of water (you can add honey or lemon juice), and then go about your business. And only after an hour start the meal.

Less salt food

Excessive consumption of salt can lead to fluid retention in the body and edema. So maybe your extra pounds — not kilos and litres, and because of this water the scales show the numbers from which I want to cry.

No need to completely eliminate salt from my diet — she is a member of the vital processes in the body. But to reduce consumption costs. Do not salt food during cooking, prisalivaya food already on the plate.