Bright impressions and a dream job: the winners of the contest “the Aviator 2017” remember Paris

One hundred Ukrainian engineering students recently visited one of the most prestigious airshows in the world – Le Bourget (Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2017).

Trip to France became their reward for winning the largest educational competition “the Aviator”, which for the sixth year in succession by Borys Kolesnikov. In Paris, the pilots saw a bright Airshow and talked with professionals and visited Disneyland.

The website “Today” questioned lucky about their experiences and plans for the future.

Alexey Lozovoy, national aerospace University im. N. E. Zhukovskogo “Kharkiv aviation Institute”

– The first time I was near those huge and magnificent in its beauty of flying machines. Emotions only added with each step, the Le Bourget air show. At the University you can only theoretically get acquainted with some of the design and strength calculations of passenger aircraft, and then you can assess engineering solutions in structures. As for favorite models, I would like to mention the airplanes developed by the Boeing and Airbus corporations. Type of aircraft A380 is simply mesmerizing. The ratio of its performance to the size impressive. As my profession is connected with composite materials, I could not get past the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the A350. The Boeing 787 became the first passenger aircraft of the company, in which design is widely used composite materials, the A350 is the first Airbus, the fuselage and the wing is primarily constructed of carbon fiber. To choose the best is very difficult, everyone has their dignity.

Alexey Lozovoy. Photo: A. Ilchenko

At one stage of the contest “the Aviator” the jury was attended by representatives of “Boeing”. They noticed me, and I had the opportunity to interview for the position of engineer. Then, right on the airforum Le Bourget, I was offered a job in the representation of “Boeing” in Ukraine, the company “Progresstech”. I am grateful to the Foundation of Boris Kolesnikov, which helps young professionals and opens a world of talented people. I also want to acknowledge and thank my home Department No. 403, faculty of rocket and space technology “HAI”. Thanks to the professional preparation of highly qualified specialists of our Department, each graduate will find its place in the world of aviation.

It would be difficult to describe in words the beauty of Paris. This is the great monuments of history, never ceases to impress the minds of his contemporaries. The opportunity to wander around this ancient city effortlessly appeared only closer to the late evening as we had a very rich program. I will long remember the first night in Paris. The day Parisians, there was a feast of music. On French streets, people shouted melody, who emphasized French flavor. My friends and I really looked at the historical buildings of Paris and was amazed at the architecture.

At Disneyland, even an adult will feel like a child. To appreciate this tale, you need to visit this wonderful place. All aviators, full of children’s happiness, ran from one attraction to another. It was something…

Vladislav Voloshin, Kharkiv national University of Air Force, 5 year, officer command and control:

– This trip is remembered primarily incredible in the scale of the Le Bourget air show. Hundreds of companies presented their products and technologies, and their representatives were happy to share information about accomplishments. Like great aerobatics performed by the pilots Rafalе, F-35 and EF2000. Impressed stands firm Safran, namely the UAV Patroller.

Photo: Today

About career plans is hard to say, since we have mandatory distribution and contract. But, in any case, the contest “pilot” of the Foundation of Boris Kolesnikov helped to assess their strengths, believe in yourself, and gain new unique experience and knowledge in the course of competition and Airshow.

Natalia Bovkun, national aviation University (NAU):

– I the Le Bourget air show is remembered for its diversity. The first day was struck by the noise of aircraft, and demonstration flights. For me the biggest impression was the A380, which I never saw live, and he flew over my head at a height of 16-storey building. Love the new trends, in particular, cars. This is something new and very interesting for further research!

Natalia (left) at Disneyland. Photo:

Paris is memorable for its contrast, the romantic and vibrant culture of different nationalities. The contest “the Aviator” has helped me to understand what’s trending in the world of aviation. I got more specific and in-depth knowledge related to my future work. Want to become a real professional and to be a sought-after expert in the market.