PHOTOFACT. The network showed a photo of a new secret luxury trump

In the network leaked spy photos secret of limousine of US President Donald trump. Pictures of Cadillac One (The Beast 2.0 – “Beast 2.0”) was made during his running on the roads in camouflage film, reports Autonews.

The car inspires greatness already visually due to the large dimensions. The novelty was designed for heavy-duty platform.

The presidential limo will get vertical headlights and original front grille in the style of the latest Cadillac models, and the car will have seven seats.

Protection this model also features advanced indicators. The body of the car covered with armor thickness of 18 cm, and the glass is made of special bulletproof glass. Through the use of kerlavage bottoms luxury trump will not work to undermine even with the use of anti-tank grenades. On Board the vehicle will be automatic fire extinguishing system, and a set of life-support with a supply of oxygen, blood for transfusion, as well as small arms.