One third of Latvia’s residents are engaged in part-time jobs: how much do they earn?

Over one third of Latvia’s residents or 36% in the last year worked or received income from activities not related to their main job. This is the lowest in the Baltic States. In Estonia, worked 42% of the population, in Lithuania 52 per cent, according to a survey by Financial institution, Swedbank.

The survey was conducted in cooperation with SKDS, in every country of the Baltic States in it have taken part one thousand respondents aged from 18 to 74.

Answering the question what activities in the past year has allowed residents to look for jobs, respondents most often answered (11% of respondents in Latvia, 12% in Estonia and 14% in Lithuania) that the freelancers used their skills and worked on translation of texts, of developments in the field of computer design, as well as working as a photographer, musician and so on. The next popular area for part time (7% of respondents in Latvia, 11% in Lithuania and 14% in Estonia) — a variety of services related to homemaking, such as cleaning housing repairs and childcare. The third most common activity for jobs — providing advice (9% of respondents in Latvia, 6% in Estonia and 8% in Lithuania).

Answering the question about income, which last month brought the part most residents of the Baltic States noted that the question of the sum to 50 euros (this answer was given by 33% of respondents in Latvia and 36% in Lithuania and 27% in Estonia).

In Latvia only 12% of respondents in the past month earned 100-200 euros, 10% up to 400 euros. The highest income from part-time work are observed in Estonia: 21% of respondents were able for a month to earn 100 — 200 euros, and 15% up to 400 euros.