Well-known member of the party Venstre has sounded the alarm: Copenhagen occupied

According to the representative of Venstre Whip Marcus (Marcus Knuth), it is necessary to take more stringent measures against the Roma in Copenhagen, which, according to him, terrorizing the city.

The idea of Copenhagen as a beautiful city is not only corrupt, the city is just occupied.

In any case, since according to Marcus, the Whip, the representative of the party Venstre responsible in the party for foreign policy issues, and a candidate member of the city Board of elections this fall.

He made such a statement in connection with the fact that Gypsies, according to many media, so heavily polluted area near Holy Trinity Church (Trinitatis Kirke) that the Church recommends to vaccinate their employees, who are forced in the morning to remove the excrement.

In addition, a homeless 51-year-old who sleeps all night in a sleeping bag on the station Nørreport Station at the Church, said that already several times been subjected to attempts of extortion by the Gypsies. According to organizations that help the homeless, it is a common phenomenon that is not restricted to this special case.

“It’s unthinkable, that’s why I use the word occupation. They use us, they mock us, they destroy the picture of the city trash and excrement,” writes Marcus, the Whip in his article in Berlingske.

Berlingske: Markus Whip, in the period from 1940 to 1945 Denmark was occupied by Germany. Do you think it makes sense to talk about the occupation, when talking about the Gypsies, who in the summer months living in Copenhagen?

Markus Knut: We talk about people we didn’t invite. About people not doing anything useful. About people who literally used the Church grounds as a public toilet. Here we are talking about such a glaring lack of respect that I find it difficult to find a sufficiently strong expression. So I use the most powerful word of those who can use it. You mentioned the word occupation in your example, but this word can be used in many other cases.

— You can’t use the word nothing, when the people shitting on the streets homeless or subjected to extortion, because in the first case, it’s disgusting, and the second rude. But if You do not exaggerate, calling the situation of Roma occupation of Copenhagen?

— In any case. I always say this to the parliamentary faction of Venstre. And this situation with each year getting worse and worse. And this year it was like an explosion. In Copenhagen you cannot just go to stumble upon a Gypsy camp, the Gypsies who beg, or for crimes associated with Roma.

— Occupation, in particular, means that the power taken by a foreign government. You agree that we can’t say that in the case of the Roma in Copenhagen?

But that’s what I perceived the situation, they passed a Gypsy camp at the Church of the Holy Trinity. As I said, they occupied the territory. They use the Church grounds as a toilet. They mock the passers-by. They beg. They drink. I think it is literally real occupation. I’ve had enough and I called the police. I was pleased to see that after that something happened. But it looks like the bubble of water, when you push with one end and water comes out through another. Therefore, it is necessary to do something completely different.

— That You, as a politician, want to do to get rid of this occupation?

— We have tightened the punishment for begging. We have also made it possible to demolish Roma camps. But it is clear that the tools that we gave the police is not effective enough. So I’m going to discuss this issue with the Minister of justice and the police, to see what other powers we Folketing could give them.

— Do You have the feeling that the police are too softly treated the Gypsies?

— I believe that the police can do more. I say this with all respect for the police, because I know that the police do not have enough resources. But as the problem becomes more serious, and police actions should conform to this. I know that it is very difficult to do anything when the police arrest a Gypsy, who says he has no documents and he did not speak any of the languages understood by the police. And it is very difficult to find a translator and find out the status of a detainee, while committed other crimes. But the actions of the police must become more efficient.

Markus Knut appeals also to all citizens: if you see a Gypsy camp, call the police. Do not give money to the homeless who are not part of the Danish system, for example, sell the newspaper “Hus forbi”. Themselves and take the empty bottles.

— When I sometimes pass by the Royal Gardens, see Roma go in there and come out with large plastic bags. And if we are going to take their bottles instead of throwing them in the garbage bins, or at least greatly reduce the basis of their existence.

— Gypsies are here because we, the residents of Copenhagen, is relatively rich and they are poor. And should we not accept Roma as a consequence of the freedom of movement in the EU?

— Gypsies are not the goal of freedom of movement in the EU. The right of residency applies to anyone who is an EU citizen, I don’t think they all are. You, as an EU citizen, can be here only for a limited period of time while looking for work. I don’t think they are doing it. On the contrary, I hear that they are transported in buses in an organized way with the purpose to live on the street due to crime and collection of empty bottles. But no, it is unacceptable for us.