Lose if U.S. soft power?

Recently, a distinguished historian Daniel Franklin wrote in his article that perhaps the current era will not see these presidents were Andrew Jackson, Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, like the Donald Donald trump is no exception.

As outstanding leaders of the past, trump has radically changed the situation, having gone the way of the reorganization of the party circles and completely abandoning the prevailing consensus, which can result in both positive and negative consequences.

Not because of the victory, which to some extent was random, and the changes that he made in the American system of government, trump long-term secured a place in it.

Franklin writes: “There is a strong likelihood that he will succeed. The President-reformer will be hard struggle, but keep in mind that in General, Americans want a man who would be led. My research in this area has shown that we tend to support the strong leadership regardless of where it leads us. On top of that, there are many signs confirming that the facts determined by human perception, not Vice versa.”

Today, the world is carefully watching the series of continuous attacks that trump calls “misleading the media”. His colleague denounced the Nazi era, using a similar expression — “the media lie”.

The policy of the administration trump faced a powerful protest outside the U.S. in connection with a complete ban on the issuance of tourist visas to citizens of some Muslim countries. This step was greeted with a wave of lawsuits, and former employees of the security service saw it as a gift for those who recruit terrorists.

However, the greatest threat comes not from the mentioned prohibition, from the position of the trump in respect of the independent judges, which establish the validity of certain presidential decrees. The President is seeking to weaken the influence of those honorable judges that don’t agree with his opinion, speaking of them as “those who claim that they are the judges.” According to him, they are less effective than “lazy senior”.

It seems that in the current struggle can be divided into two aspects. The first is the power of the trump itself. The second can be called “constitutional”. In the latest conflict involves the new Supreme court justice Neil Gorsuch, who called trump’s comments regarding the work of the judicial authority “disappointing” and “Intrusive”.

If Trump are destined to success, what values the US will advance in the world after the change of regime?

Soft power hard to get but easy to lose, and the persistence of American ships in the performance of their duties promotes a positive image of America, despite the efforts of the new administration.

Anastasia Manuilova, a journalist from Moscow, sees what’s happening in sustainable process of disintegration similar to what is happening with media freedom and independence of the judiciary in Russia, which is headed by President Vladimir Putin. After analyzing the views of those who participated in the protests against Putin in 2011, she wrote that advises Americans to take.

One of the sentences reads: “May your leaders be accountable to you, do not cease to protest, your resistance will not be in vain”.

As noted by Benjamin van Rouge and Jeffrey Wasserstrom, although the current President of China, XI Jinping, has acted as a strong supporter of global cooperation in Davos that his policy has deprived his country of the right to play the role of “moral leader”, as well as the policy of the administration of the tramp was deprived of this right, States.

Today one of the main problems in the US is freedom of the media. The reason is not only the position of the trump, but the rapid spread of “alternative information”, the hateful rhetoric and fabricated news reports via social media platforms.

Frank Pascal notes that are concerned about the manipulation, which the extremists carried out with the help of the search engine Google, including the distribution of various analytical work.

To urge tech giants to justice, it is proposed to undertake five steps. First, reduce the amount of harmful content that is irrelevant to public opinion. Secondly, to identify and comment on the Internet, which provokes hatred. Third, if possible, to prohibit the dissemination of certain types of content. Fourth, on a limited scale to allow external users to comment on publications with false information. Finally, to attract more staff, which would accept complaints from citizens.

Ariel Cohen explains how to protect privacy in the era of digital data and referring to the employee of the IBM company, reports that people have a right to control access to the information they create.

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