The Russian foreign Ministry warned that a prohibition “St. George” ribbons in Ukraine will block the Minsk process

The Russian foreign Ministry believe that the ban in Ukraine “St. George” ribbon, which became a symbol of the Russian invasion of Crimea and the Donbass, will postpone the implementation of the Minsk agreements. This was at the briefing in Moscow said the official speaker of the foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova.

“This will give even more reasons to postpone even longer the implementation of the Minsk agreements,” she said.

As reported, on may 16 , the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law “On amendments to the Code of Ukraine on administrative offences regarding the prohibition of production and promotion of St. George (guards) ribbon”.

According to the law of the code is supplemented with a new article 173 providing for the imposition of a fine in the amount from 50 to 150 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens with confiscation of the “St. George” ribbon, or items that contain her image, for the public use, demonstration, wearing the ribbon or its image.

For the same re-actions provide for imposition of fine in the amount from 150 to 300 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens or administrative arrest for up to 15 days with confiscation of the tape or objects containing the image.