“Popular front” will come from the coalition because of the arrest Martynenko, knyazhytskyy

Popular front will not pull out of the coalition because of the case against their colleague and former MP from NF Mykola Martynenko. The decision of the faction on this occasion was not. Comments about this site, “Today,” said the people’s Deputy from this political force Nikolay knyazhitsky.

“We have this decision of the faction was not. And for us national interests come first. So I don’t think that because of this case, we must leave the coalition. But I think we should stop the practice when our investigative agencies PR on the detention of people whose guilt has not been proven and are not hiding from the investigation. And just being in coalition, I think we will have more strength to stop this practice and people who manipulated the courts, appoint judges, and hand, demanding without any justification or large deposits, or to detain someone without proof of guilt to be attracted to responsibility”, – said knyazhytsky.

According to him, there are political influence and on NABOO, and on the judicial system from people who believe that in Ukraine it is possible to build an authoritarian country. “But I don’t believe that’s possible. I think that the President has different people. There are those that predispose to democratic development. And there are those who think that having all the power in one hand can be effectively to manage the country. But this is just the way to lose both the government and the country”, – summed up knyazhitsky.

Earlier today, the head of the Specialized anticorruption prosecution Nazar Golodnitsky said Mykola Martynenko on Thursday evening detained as article 208 criminal procedure code for 72 hours. “Yesterday announced a suspicion, prosecutors agreed the petition for election measures of restraint. The position of the Prosecutor’s office will ask the court about election of a preventive measure of detention for a period of 60 days with an alternative to bail in the sum of 300 million UAH. The second defendant (Sergei Fracture – Ed.) handed to the suspect, determined the measure of restraint, will also ask of detention with the alternative of a bail of 100 million UAH”, – said the Holodnitsky.

Head of SAP does not exclude that in this case Mykola Martynenko could have other suspicions. Also Nazar Golodnitsky reported that the prosecution in the case and at the time of election of a measure of restraint will be represented by the prosecutors SAP novel Senkiv and Andrew Feather. These same prosecutors are on the case dismissed the head of the SFS of the Roman Nasirov. “As far as I understand from the comments that I saw from the defense, – there should be no blankets, seizures. I hope that all will be well,” said Holodnitsky.

The detainee stated that the charges against him was fabricated at the direction of the Director of NABU Artem Sytnik for PR purposes and to divert attention from the failures of the Bureau.

Hearing on the case Martynenko will be held today in the afternoon, in the Solomensky district court of the capital.