Russia changes the rules of airspace and smashing American “Ghost” in the battle

Military-air forces of Russia were able to break internationally accepted rules and to go the limit after he invented the world’s most powerful fighter T-50 in the framework of the project “PAK-FA”, which will be the basis of the Russian armed forces.

It was a lot of talk and rumors about American fighter F-35, known as “Ghost”, but many people don’t know that developed the new Russian fighter, which will be commissioned in the Russian army in the second half of 2017. T-50 is able to destroy and damage all that is in the air, including the F-35.

The plane invisible to radar, and this is not its only advantage. Many other parameters it is also superior to similar U.S. developments. The fighter has less weight can break the sound barrier at high speed and to fly and to overcome the distance more than 5000 kilometers. In addition, if necessary, it is possible to refuel twice in the air and he can take off and land on the ladders with a length of 350 meters.

Russian fighter T-50, created in the framework of the project “PAK FA” is the complexity of the systems in its structure, and some characteristics superior to American fighter of the fifth generation, especially the F-35.

Russian fighter T-50 multi-functional. This bomber has unprecedented powers of combat, which gives it supremacy in the airspace. We are talking about his ability to maneuver at speed of 2100 km/h, work in conditions of overload at the level of 11G, as well as to fly at an altitude of 20 km from the Earth’s surface.

The average speed of the take off of a fighter reaches 350 meters per second, thanks to two powerful engines Al-41F1, which allow to fly at supersonic speed without the use of boosters and afterburners. Obviously, this feature currently have only three aircraft: Russian MiG-31 and two American F-22 and F-35.


Fighter T-50 is manufactured with the use of a large number of new materials. According to American sources first created a plane using plastic carbon materials, which ensures its light weight. It is less than a quarter compared to its counterparts, not yielding in strength and stiffness.

Another advantage of the fighter is that it is capable of continuously is in the air for 3.5 hours and fly at supersonic speed day and night and in all weather conditions. It is also discreet and has a high capacity for self-defence. In addition, its practical range reaches 5500 km the Plane can reach a distance being loaded with guns, missiles and bombs, hidden in its body for camouflage.

The fighter is equipped with at least two rocket pods long and 5.1 meters. They placed guided missiles “air-air” and “air-ground” and 500-pound bombs. When the plane is in the air, not concealing his presence in his outer compartments you can put extra weapons weighing up to ten tons.

Radar the aircraft is able to detect the desired goal and begin to interact with them more than 400 kilometers. Moreover, it is able to track 60 and hit 16 objects at the same time thanks to modern laser technology.

In 2010, the T-50 made its first test flight, but so far have not been applied “engine of the first stage”, which is a modification of the Al-41F1, is specially designed for the fourth generation fighter su-35S.

The representative of the military-industrial complex of Russia reported that soon after the tests in operation will do the world’s most powerful fighter T-50, and then Russia will start its mass production.

According to the Russian media, in 2016 the tests of the fifth generation fighter missiles and cannons have been successfully completed.

Experts said that probably the T-50 will come into service in the second half of this year, when will test new jet engines. This can happen after will be made of the so-called engine of the “second stage” at the aircraft factory of the company “Sukhoi” in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.