Experts have called the unexpected causes of aging facial skin

Wrinkles can appear not only due to improper diet, lack of sleep and errors in the care of the skin. Often the cause of the problem is a daily household habits, reports “Orthodox”.

Elena Karkula, bestselling author of “FaceDay. The perfect face for 10 minutes a day”, I’m sure the face skin aging sometimes depends on pretty unexpected reasons, for example, from the posture of a woman and the way she eats and even brushing his teeth.

When the neck muscles are weakened, they become shorter and pull down the soft tissue of the face.

While eating and drinking and brushing teeth, laid the purse-string lines around the lips. Another bad habit is to prop up her chin with her hand.

Even worse is the habit of propping up her cheek with one hand, causing the skin moves out to the side. During a hard diet skin dramatically loses fat and water, which rapidly decreases the tone and the face slides down.