Myths about personal hygiene and house cleaning

Our knowledge about hygiene significantly change with time. And, if the care was, at best, bathing in a wooden tub once a month, today each of us has access to all the wonders of civilization, such as warm water, plumbing and hygiene.

That is why some of our beliefs become obsolete and lose their value. It is about them we will tell today, writes

Myth # 1: Soap kills germs

Ordinary soap almost has no ability to kill bacteria. Instead, it cleanses the skin, allowing you to wash most of the germs with water. Only Soaps labeled “antibacterial” can really kill the bacteria.

Myth # 2: the Good bacteria will protect you from the bad

The so-called “good” bacteria are those microorganisms that are on your skin and coexist with your body in harmony. The “bad” bacteria, in contrast, are pathogenic and pathogenic and can cause infections and disease. Good and bad bacteria are always present on your body, and their number is only different for different people. However, the presence of “good” bacteria does not protect you from harmful germs. Moreover, even the “good” bacteria in the wrong place can lead to serious diseases.

Myth # 3: Antiseptics for skin – the best way to kill germs

Antiseptics are effective against bacteria only if they contain from 60 to 95% alcohol. Alcohol can kill rhinovirus, herpes, HIV, influenza, hepatitis, fungus, and even tuberculosis. In fact, alcohol is able to kill up to 99.9% of all bacteria on the skin for 30 seconds. However, they are not suitable when your skin is very dirty or covered in blood. In such cases, you must first thoroughly wash the wound with soap and water and then use antiseptic, if necessary.

Myth # 4: children Have acquired lice from a lack of personal hygiene

Unfortunately, this is a myth. Lice can be wound even in those children who carefully monitor personal hygiene. Lice are transmitted through direct contact “head to head” or through contact with clothing, such as hat, scarf, etc. Or through personal hygiene items such as combs, towels.

Myth # 5: the Destruction of germs on the hands will lower your immune system

Your body is always covered with microorganisms, and you will not be able to get rid of them all. They are really good for you, activating your immune system. Getting rid of the germs that appear on your hands, you will not be able to lower your immune system, but can protect you from some diseases.

Myth # 6: Bad breath is not necessarily caused by poor oral hygiene

And it’s true. Bad breath is caused by oral bacteria but this does not mean that you do not follow personal hygiene.

One of the most common reasons for bad odor is dry mouth. That is why many people may experience bad breath in the morning, because during sleep slows the production of saliva. Saliva acts as a mouthwash for oral cavity, and also contains compounds that kill bacteria. When saliva is insufficient, bacteria have more favorable conditions for growth and reproduction. All this leads to an unpleasant smell. In some cases dry mouth may be due prima medicines, such as antihistamines, drugs to control blood pressure, antidepressants or diuretics.

Another common cause of bad breath are gum disease and teeth.

How to keep a cleaner home?

Know that cleaning is not a favorite pastime of most people. However, these few tips will help you do the cleaning, if not more pleasant, then certainly less of a pain:

Not necessarily to carry out General cleaning in the time when you’re snowed under with work or other important things. Remove only the most contaminated sites and leave the rest to more free time.

Cleaning – experience for the whole family. Make sure that every member of the family has their chores and performs them. This will free some of your time and will instill a sense of responsibility to other family members.

Give yourself time to relax, free from other Affairs and distractions. This will help you to quickly and efficiently deal with the cleaning without being distracted by other things.

Follow the order. The less things you leave out of place, the less you have to clean up.

Try not to miss any scheduled cleaning. The more you remove, the less time it will take each time.

Follow the smells in the house. Ventilated room with no unpleasant odors automatically seems cleaner. You can use commercial air fresheners or homemade versions.

Be sure to put the rug in front of the entrance to the apartment. This will help “catch” most of the dirt from the soles of shoes upon entry into your home.

Even if you don’t like to clean, try to make the cleaning more enjoyable. Turn gay and cheerful music, invite friends to help and be sure to reward yourself for a job well done!