Doctors found the main danger of lack of sleep

Doctors from the US have shown that regular sleep deprivation significantly increases the probability of death from stroke people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Experts recommend suffering with heart disease and diabetes to sleep at least six hours a day. Otherwise, the risk of death as a result of the stroke two times higher than in healthy people, diverting to sleep more than six hours a day.

To such conclusions the authors came randomly selecting 1344 adults. Among them, scientists have identified risk (high body mass index, cholesterol and blood sugar, high blood pressure).

At the conclusion of the study was that people who are at risk, but pay sleep more than six hours a day, 1.5 times more often the healthy are at risk of death from stroke. If sick pay to sleep less than six hours a day, then this probability is increased in two times.

Previously, scientists have found that sleep deprivation threaten the excess inches around the waist.