A new documentary has shed light on previously unknown facts from the life of Princess Diana

The CBS has produced a documentary “Princess Diana: her life, her death, her truth” (Princess Diana: Her Life, Her Death, The Truth). The film tells about the interesting details of the life of lady Di and her family, – NV.

A special edition of CBS about the life of Princess Diana, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the death of the first wife of Prince Charles of Wales and mother of princes William and Harry.

The CBS anchorwoman Gayle king describes the main character of the documentary: “Her name was Diana, and the whole world was in love with her. But her charmed life was filled with heartaches, and never got a happy ending”.

From the film Princess Diana: her life, her death, her truth, which premiered on may 22, the audience learned some amazing, previously unknown facts about Diana Spencer and her life.

In particular, it became known that before wedding, Princess Diana and Prince Charles had only met 12 times. However, despite the short period of Dating and imminent divorce in 1996, the film’s producer Susan Zira settlement claims that the Royal couple was a real, deep connection with each other.

“Diana’s friend Lana marks, told us that Diana once confessed to her that truly loved only one person, and that Prince Charles,” says Zira settlement.

For crown and designer dresses hiding a woman with a difficult character and not always predictable behavior, say those who knew Diane best.

“She always said that she wants to be normal, the same as everything,” says Ken Wharf, former bodyguard of lady Di. “The tragedy was that, as a member of the Royal family, it is almost impossible to be like everyone else”.

In fact, Diana was far from the norm, says in the film. Despite a strong connection with Charles, the marriage, the seemingly perfect society, was a daily struggle.

In public, the pair played a role, but alone it was another story. “They fought, and Diana mocked Prince Charles, telling him that he will never be king,” says Sally Bedell Smith, author of Prince Charles: the passions and paradoxes of an incredible life.

“The situation was when they had a terrible fight and Charles asked for forgiveness on his knees. But Diana beat him even when he begged for forgiveness. So intense was their disorder,” says Smith.

A large part of the film is devoted to the investigation of the death of Princess Diana tragic car crash in 1997. Also the film is dedicated to the sons of lady Di, and how they continue charitable work, which was so devoted to Diana.