The ascension: the story of the feast

The ascension is inextricably linked with Easter and always falls on the fortieth day after her. In 2017, the holiday falls on Thursday, may 25.

The ascension marks the final journey of Christ to heaven, to his Father for a reunion and a three-pronged reign of the Holy spirit, God the Son and God the Father, reports Lisa.

The history of the holiday

After earthly death, Jesus had forty days spoke in human form with his disciples, giving them instructions and blessing for future Apostolic achievements. After these 40 days, the Savior ascended into Heaven, leaving his disciples an important message that he will return to Earth. This will be his second coming, which is described in the book of Apocalypse.

According to this message, Christ will come to all people, to judge just judgment for sins committed.

Forty days from Easter to ascension, the Church urges the people to rejoice. In fact, the feast of the ascension connect and light sadness, joy, and expectation.

According to the law of Moses it was on the 40th day, all parents had to bring their babies to the temple to the Lord. And now the fortieth day after his Resurrection Jesus Christ was, as the Savior of all mankind, to enter the heavenly temple of the Father.

After completing a fellowship with the disciples, Jesus with them up to mount Olivet, near Jerusalem. There he blessed the disciples and ascended skyward in a radiant cloud. From what I have seen, the apostles came to the delight and awe.