Go to the EU cheap: how to save on tickets, food and lodging

Waiting bezveza Ukrainians are actively looking for ways to go to Europe cheaper. “Today” has collected the most important life hacks that will help significantly reduce the travel budget.

SECRETS TICKETS. The fastest way is a plane. This path is not cheap, but there are a couple of ways to buy tickets at an affordable price. The first and best known is to buy them for months before the trip before. For example, a ticket to Cyprus is 1800 UAH for a couple of months before departure, but over six months — 1000 UAH. You can also save money on loukost — no lunch and Luggage for a trip to Paris or Rome is 3000 UAH in both directions. Note it is important to take the day of departure: the tickets for the weekend are more expensive than on weekdays (the ticket to Budapest on Friday will cost 2000 UAH, and on Wednesday — 870 UAH). Important and day, when you buy a ticket. “Cheap tickets can be purchased on the night of Monday to Tuesday. Monday — day the most unpopular among customers, and airlines briefly lower rates. Another tip: use the sites-agregatorami to subscribe for shares of the airlines. In the first case you will have more choice of tickets, and in the second you can make a profitable purchase. But you always need money on the card, because these tickets go quickly,” the
expert advice on tourism Aleksey Gavrilyuk.

Still, there are railway and buses. So, from Kiev to the Polish Przemysl direct train: ticket costs from 406 to 574 UAH, and in the way he spends 7-8 hours. From there on average for 10 Euro (300 UAH) by train to get to the hubs (Warsaw, kraków, wrocław, Katowice), where in many parts of Europe you can fly for 20 Euro (600 UAH). Bus carriers also sometimes practice the action: for example, to Vilnius from Kiev you can go for 12 Euro (350 UAH). Seasoned travelers have been using the services for the selection of fellow travelers when the driver shares with the passengers the cost of gasoline. So, in Prague or Dresden can be reached in 600-700 UAH.

FOOD AND LODGING. For economy hotels is looking for private housing on spezzato. “Apartment with kitchen for two persons in Cyprus has cost us 15 euros a day. But there are promotions and hotel accommodation with 50% discount. You can live in a hostel,” says hawryluk. But in the EU you can go and do almost the free — capital photographer Valery Milutin lived for a month in Vilnius at 50 euros. “When I have greatly decreased income, I realized that to save money to travel longer. I went to Vilnius with 15 euros in my pocket. Settled in a hostel on the volunteer program — with free accommodation with Breakfast for three hours a day (I was changing the sheets). For travel, I also was not spent. The hostel was in the center and everything was within walking distance”. As for the food, then, according to Lera, the main rule is to make the purchase not in the tourist supermarkets and street markets: “a Pot of soup without meat for five people costs me about 1 Euro (kilo cabbage — 0.09 Euro, and potatoes — 0,1—0,2 euros)”. Some cafes are practicing buffets: if you order one dish for 5-8 Euro free in any quantity to enjoy salads, drinks and snacks. “I also run like free tours pub crawls from the hostel, but I left a tip in one night is about 15 euros,” — says the girl.

Tips for fashionistas. Lovers shopping first of all you need to go to the discount periods: this is usually the summer (peaking in July-August) and winter sales (January-February). During these periods, brand things you can buy do for a penny (with 80-90% discount). Well, to kind of recapture the money spent, you have to remember the Tax free system — the alien return VAT from purchases when leaving the country. Unable to return to 27% of purchases if its cost exceeds 25-175 euros (interest and minimum purchase amount depends on the legislation of the country). In order to get the money back, enough when making a purchase ask for a receipt for Tax free and shown in a special window at the airport, train station or car border.