The debut of the trump in the middle East

His first official foreign visit trump made in Saudi Arabia and it shows that the idea that the United States will take a greater interest in the Far East and will not be too focused on the middle East, not exactly true.

First of all, this visit will be assigned the following meanings: USA when trump was not interested in the device and the regime of the countries with which they engage in dialogue, develop relationships or strengthen the Union. In addition, we must not forget that during Obama’s USA greatly offended Saudi Arabia, and created the conditions for the occurrence of such major issues as relations with Turkey.

Obviously trump that, whatever Obama is configured to do the opposite, aimed at restoring relations with Saudi Arabia. But the significance of this visit is not limited to this country.

Trump during this visit, he addressed heads of state and government of the 55 Muslim countries, including Turkey. This performance found the key to understanding what policies the US will pursue in the middle East and even the far East. Trump emphasized that the US will return to its traditional allies, and Iran will continue to consider the “other”.

Base — oil, arms, trade

During the visit trump in Riyadh between the US and Saudi Arabia signed agreements for a total amount of 380 billion dollars. Of these, about 50 billion accounts for transactions concluded between the Saudi oil company Aramco and 11 firms in the U.S., and about $ 110 billion on agreements relating to weapons and defensive systems that will become Saudi Arabia.

The amounts shows that these agreements are related not only to Saudi Arabia. The fact that Saudi Arabia, which every year increases in defense spending, again entered into agreements with the United States, has a special significance. To imagine that over Saudi Arabia faced a grave military threat, uneasy, nonetheless, it is evident that she is in big competition with Iran. At the same time it becomes clear that support for Saudi Arabia from a military point of view encompasses not only a threat against Iran. Since trump has the idea to create a NATO of the Islamic countries.

If the financial and therefore political captain NATO, the United States, we can assume that as a financial captain of the new entity will act as Saudi Arabia. But judging by the fact that financial support and weapons come from the US, I must say that the political supremacy will remain in the United States.


© AFP 2017, Mandel NganВыступление the US President Donald trump

Trump, who says that NATO can’t find a solution to the problems of Europe, not that of the Middle East, has a new regional defensive organization that possibly will work in coordination with NATO. And I must say, this can be a functional project.

The framework of regional organizations

This project may be similar to other organizations created during the cold war and acting as intertwined links. For example, NATO, created in 1949, the Balkan Pact, signed in 1953 after the accession of Turkey to NATO in 1952 and the Baghdad Pact of 1955. We must remember that Turkey as a member of all three of these organizations represented the point of intersection of the links.

If trump has a view of a similar structure, Turkey is, no doubt, will again be key. However, you need to watch how NATO will meet this event. If the UK will also join one of these links in addition to membership in NATO, then perhaps others will be difficult to argue anything.

To answer the question of “why” it is done, it’s easy. You can use as the basis for the fight against terrorism, smuggling, cyber crime, civil wars, unstable regimes, nuclear risk. But if you put the question differently and ask “against whom” it is done, you may have some thoughts. After all, Russia may find this initiative to be aimed against it. The world that was previously divided into East — West, in the future can be divided into North — South and, possibly, Russia will not be so concerned about this.