The Russian political elite wants to capitalize on the popularity of the Internet-youth

Reading the statements from the sheet, a Youtube star not be. But even the most famous videoblogger fall into a stupor when they are not in front of his webcam, and to Parliament. Monday to the debate about youth policy in the Russian state Duma were invited 19-year-old Sasha Spielberg. Although in his four-minute speech, she immediately admitted that he doesn’t even know the names of the parties. But she has the experience of playing in front of a wide audience. After all, her Youtube channel is signed by almost five million people. Popularity owes this attention-grabbing actions, such as bathing in a bath filled with potato chips.

Before heard that there is such a thing as a youth policy to diligently read the Spielberg of his records. “Now I consider it my mission to establish dialogue between the state and the society to which I belong”. Her speech to the Russian Lower house considers it “a sign that the state recognizes the value of help and informal leaders in the Internet and listens to us, that’s the main thing.”

“What was he like when you were young?”

Her performance is one of the latest examples in a series of seemingly helpless efforts of the state to attract the Youtube generation, which thousands followed the call for demonstrations against corruption, opposition leader Alexei Navalny. But so far, all these attempts failed miserably. Navalny called for new rallies in early June. She is not a supporter of the rally, explained Spielberg MPs, who listened to her with careful attention. She told me that she asked her viewers what they would like, they answered that, for example, would love to learn more about President Vladimir Putin: “What he was like when he was young?”

Meanwhile, most members are obviously have a clear idea about the Internet. According to Sergey Mironov, Chairman of party “Fair Russia” in social networks sitting “the adversary”, which teaches young people “to love their country and their history”.

Without the effect

Immediately after the unexpected protests in March, the network appeared the expensive clip in which the Bulk was equal to Hitler. Mounted in the style of the state television piece broke without effect. Last week there was a video of the singer Alisa VOX. Last year the soloist was released in conjunction with popular band Leningrad Heath, who for weeks could not hide neither the listener and user of Facebook or its Russian analogue Vkontakte.

Mix of obscenity and instructive tone in a rock song, the VOX is advised not to succumb to the temptation to go to the demonstration. “To learn from mistakes is never too late, my heart wants to change, start with yourself” — sounds in the chorus. What about the fact that demonstrators promise gold, money and power. But Alice VOX has better advice: “don’t go, baby, in politics, come to learn the materiel.”

Not surprisingly, this clumsy handling has not caused great enthusiasm among the target audience. Two million have viewed a clip until Tuesday only 14 thousand have clicked the button “I like” and 227 thousand — “I did not like”. Comments in the guide channel VOX prudently turned off. Coarse language and some promiscuity are the trademark of the group.

The fact that the former soloist of group “Leningrad” is now advised that it is better to study harder at school than to rebel, could not have worked. Independent media, citing an unnamed source in the Kremlin reported that this work was created at the request of a former employee of the presidential administration. Of course, the Kremlin is not too happy about this result because I realized that it only gave Navalny a new reason to ridicule and mobilize their supporters.