In Ukraine began the fashion for the Euro: why the country is “untied” from the dollar

Ukraine, for many years making rate of the dollar began to gradually move to the Euro, writes UBR.

Calculated as the managing Director of “Credit Optima Bank” Igor Lvov, the volume of cash operations in Euro has increased by 1,5 – 2 times. “We used to say that 80% of the cash foreign exchange operations is conducted in us dollars, 15% in euros and 3 – 5% in other currencies. Today about 25% and even 30% is already a transaction in Euro”, — he stated.

The most popular operation in recent months — the ransom banks of the Euro currency among the population.

“Eighteen months ago the average one branch of the Bank bought back 1 000 per day. Today, this amount comes to 1 500 euros. The more workers go to Europe, the large sums come to our country,” — said in Lviv.

Experts explain – is affected by the change in the geographical preferences of the workers. If the period of 2012-2013 to 20% of Ukrainians earn in Russia, already by the end of 2016 — only 12 – 13%. Many decided to move to Poland: the number of Ukrainian workers in this country has quadrupled, and their share in the total mass of foreign workers reached 30%. Last year was the absolute record achieved: Poland Ukrainians issued 1.3 million requests for employment.

“More than 90% of Ukrainians work in Poland legally. 94% of employees are satisfied with the conditions, as shown by the survey Agency OTTO Work Force. The number of people wishing to work in Europe is growing. In February, we spent his sociological research, which showed that of those 25% who worked in Russia, re-ready to go only 6%,” — said the President of the Association of companies for employment abroad Basil Voskoboynikov.

The geographical factor has provoked an increase in money transfers in Euro. In terms of it has caught up with the dollar.

“The volume of transfers in euros grew slowly, it has become noticeable in recent months. If earlier on average, the equivalent of 10 thousand paid transfers in us dollars accounted for only 1 thousand euros, now comes to EUR 6 thousand. But ruble transfers are almost gone. In 2013, we paid up to 5 million a day, already in 2016 — only 500 thousand,” — said the Director of the Department of the banknote printing banking JSB “Express-Bank” Andrey Lvov.

The average amount of europeregistry now is 300 – 400 euros.

More trust in the European currency became illegal currency changers over the last six months its share in the black market increased from 10% to 20%. “It is connected with the service of grey importers, which also increased the number of contracts in euros. This creates a demand for eurocurrency. We are talking about deals of 100 thousand euros and above,” said the former Director of Treasury of a Commercial industrial Bank Andrey Ponomarev.

While the bankers basically are buying the Euro, but will soon begin to sell it. Primarily tourists, who inspired a visa-free regime with the EU, already dreaming about the active travel through the Old World.

“If a year or two ago sold 100 units of foreign currency in dollar equivalent had 15 euros, now it is 25 – 30 euros. Someone buys, leaving for work, and someone to travel,” explained Igor Lvov.

The average amount of purchase of 200 euros per passport: by the way, this is twice more than in 2016.

“The dynamics are interesting. During the rush 2014 – 2015 the average single person buying a month 300 euros. In a period of calm in 2016 the demand and the Euro equal. Gave and bought an average of 100 euros. Now, on average, one person buys 200 euros,” — said in Lviv.

Which by the way, is stimulated by the decrease in the cost of the European currency. A couple of years, it fell on world markets, and Ukraine. This, as well as an increase in the frequency of European travel for Ukrainians, will further stimulate the growth in the volume of transactions in Euro, experts predict. In the coming year, these volumes may increase by 10 – 15%.