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I hate all Russian. They told me not brothers

Ukrainian soldier Igor Chepizhko (30 years old) sitting in the apartment of multi storey house in Kiev and tells how he first killed the Russian soldier at the front in the East of Ukraine.

“I felt so nauseated that for two days could not eat”.

He approached the dead body and heard a voice: “Kuzmich, Kuzmich, where are you?”.

Russian soldiers tried to communicate with his dead companion on the radio.

Igor heard the words, but couldn’t find the radio of the victim. And again he heard a voice: “Kuzmich, Kuzmich, where are you?” Igor found the radio and brought it to his mouth and shouted, “Kuzmich is dead!”.

Wherever we were, we met people who were full of hatred

Fucking muslims off our streets! Stick your fucking islam up your ass! (“The damn Muslims out of our streets”. “Shove it up your ass your fucking Islam”), — shouting members of the English defence League (English Defence League) on the streets of Newcastle in England.

“Jew!”, “Traitor!” — shouted the nationalists on the current President during a demonstration in the capital of Slovakia.

Hatred gives rise to such feelings as frustration, contempt, disgust, betrayal and resentment.

Every day in 2016 in Germany the average was performed on ten attacks on migrants. According to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Germany, of injuries due to violence has received 560 people, including 43 children.

Three-quarters of the attacks occurred outside of homes, others in homes. The number of criminal offences motivated by hatred is increasing throughout Europe.

In Norway in the period from 2014 to 2015, doubled the number of reported criminal offences motivated by hatred against ethnic and religious groups.

© AP Photo, Alastair GrantМигранты in a temporary refugee camp on the island of Seiland, Norway

In the end, crimes of hate is one of the leading places in the statistics of the Norwegian police, showing the growth of crime.

Approximately half of the reported cases is violence or threats of violence. Almost a third of statements full of hatred.

Hatred can lead to violence, racism and terror

The journalism student Igor Chepizhko (30 years) hate has led to war. In may 2015, he left his studies at the University of Kiev to fight Russian separatists in the East of Ukraine. On a soldier’s uniform, he sewed the logo “God of war”.

Igor was the commander of 23 soldiers in a battalion with four tanks. Two were killed. He still dreams of a 50-year-old soldier, burned in one of these tanks, padded shell.

In a nightmare soldier pulled out onto the grass, but his body continues to burn. Mike Igor wet from sweat when he wakes up.

Every night he is on the phone talking to the soldiers at the front. He wants to return: “Here at home, I can’t find myself.”

Something happened to the head

He doesn’t know whether to turn him to the doctor to be healed, or to go back to the front where the head works still.

“Russian psychologists call this the Afghan syndrome. People are drawn back to what it was. It’s like heroin.”

At home he has a roll of toilet paper on which is printed the face of Putin, he uses the paper, coping with the need of the toilet.

“The Russians put themselves in charge. How can they like me still?”

On a shelf in the room — the helmet and field radio, which he had taken from a Russian soldier killed them.

“I call this trophy”.

The video that shocked the world

International media has called “a new sport Russian neo-Nazis” persecution of young gay men in social networks.

Andrzej Kmicic right — hand well-known media personality. It is a Russian right-wing extremist Maksim Martsinkevich, a former skinhead and now the head of neo-Nazi youth group “Format 18” and “Restrukt”.

Martsinkevich is currently sitting in prison for publishing extremist materials and incitement to racial hatred.

“Format 18” specialized in video shooting attacks on individuals of “non-Russian appearance” speaking with a foreign accent, and to publish such videos online.

But most of all, this group became famous because of the Occupy Pedofilyay movement. Fake pictures on Dating sites they lured men who came in contact with adolescents to sex. But also conversely, adolescents and young men lured by the offer of money for sex.

The episodes were filmed and uploaded to the Internet, they acted on Russian young people, encouraging them to take to the streets and take law enforcement into their own hands. When the alleged “pedophiles” or “male prostitutes” were trapped, they were subjected to humiliation, ridicule and insults.

Some videos that show the victims, who were forced to play with the female masturbator and poured urine. It all ended in a massacre of victims, then the video published on the Internet for mockery and as a warning.

Critic claims that it was their service to society, exposing what he calls pedophilia. But activists advocating for human rights, and experts of the SOVA Center in Moscow, specializing in the study of right-wing extremists of Russia, said that we are talking about targeted attacks against homosexuals.

In 2013 a project was launched Occupy Narcofilay. Here attacked people they suspected of drug trafficking. According to Russian media reports, one person was killed, several people were injured. In this regard, Critic received a message stating that the judicial authorities are preparing to open a criminal case. He fled to Southeast Asia.

“Half of the guys went to prison, others went into hiding. I lived one year in Thailand as a “political tourist”. But now I am quite sure that the authorities do not pay attention to me. I’m quiet and not doing anything suspicious.”

“I got into a situation when they had to defend myself using physical violence”, — says Sergey (21), an activist of the Russian Asgard Time.

“I attacked the anti-fascists, when we tried to prevent them to organize concerts. We are talking about the radicals who advocate the Soviet way of life. They need to push.

I spend a lot of time combat training. It’s like training a scout. I don’t smoke or drink, because in order to win, you need to have a healthy body. We are training with guns, knives and crossbows. I’ve been doing this since childhood.

© RIA Novosti, Sergei Yermokhin | go to fotobanka nationalists in Saint-Petersburg

When I was in school, I was a skinhead. Now I’m a nationalist and a socialist, I want us to have this type of state. In addition to physical training, we are also engaged in ideological preparation. Organize trips to historical museums, we have a book club where we read and discuss books. I read a lot of written by Varg Vikernes (Varg Vikernes). My biggest source of inspiration is “Mein Kampf” by Adolf Hitler, this book means a lot to me.

We have a website in Russian Facebook with 10 thousand participants. Special contacts with other countries we have, but I was in Kyiv and Lviv during the revolution and made many friends there. Be politically active in today’s Russia illegally, so I don’t go to the demonstration. I don’t want to go to jail right now.”

“Our guys got shot. Then we started to get weapons”

A man a little older than 30 years, pushes the floor of the jacket, the belt hangs a holster with a gun. He is one of the secret extreme right-wing football fans, fans put up a fight.

We meet, as agreed, the dimly lit rink, arranged between the houses in one of the suburbs of Moscow. Here you can talk without interference from the police. Together with an anonymous leader came to the meeting twenty almost identically dressed in black football hooligans with faces closed by hoods and scarves. This tactic called Black bloc lies in the fact that the group needs to be perceived as one big unified mass. In such a mass is difficult to distinguish one from the other, if you start a fight.

“Many were imprisoned, killed part. Constantly there are fights and clashes with fans from other cities, as well as anti-fascists and the left. This ongoing conflict. After what happened in Ukraine, the government has on us, the right powerful pressure. Next year in Russia there will be presidential elections and the world Cup. The authorities will do everything to not repeat what was in France last summer,” he says.

A police patrol stops and turns to the group. I plan to put up a fight tonight? No, the answer dressed in black. The answer is accepted, and the police leave.

“As soon as the group gathers, we start to drive. The police all the time watching us. You see, right-wingers and football are closely linked with each other. Personally, I’m not particularly fond of football. I’m especially interested in the music: hip-hop, hardcore, punk. It is very important to spread our ideas. Therefore, we guard the group of musicians and support the security at concerts. We care about each other. We must defend our right to exist in society.”

“Worker once shot me in the head, and since then I have this scar” — the “John Wagner” (30 years), instructor in weapons and the head of the activists in the Committee for the nation and freedom (KNU).

“I was in a coma and now not afraid of death. “Only slaves do not have weapons” — this expression articulates what we stand for. I like it. We advocate that all had a right to defend itself. We are Russian nationalists, and we believe in white power. Nation — that is my biggest inspiration. Every day is a struggle for survival. A lot has changed in recent years. We became more interested in politics. Authorities are trying to portray us as the outcasts and dangerous people and don’t like it when Western journalists come and show us what we are.

Putin and his special forces — today, the biggest threat to us. Many of those who support the regime believe that Russia is threatened by NATO, the US and the EU, but this is just nonsense. I love Europe and its democracy, social welfare, health care and economic system. I have been to Oslo and I like your metro. But we do not want Russia was completely similar to Europe. We don’t need queers and migrants. None of us smoke or drink, because, in our opinion, the body needs to be healthy and strong.

This area is my property. I have a company that earns well, and I spend part of the money to support those who share my ideology. You can not be rich, when your people are starving.

In addition, I manage this training centre. Here we are fighting sports, fighting with knives and shooting. I show how to use a bat and a Taser.

We are also working on actions on the battlefield in case breaks out military conflict. If the Russian people will rise, as happened in Ukraine, then we must be prepared to support it. For training there are no age restrictions. People can fight and shoot, as soon as he began to walk.

We are the bride planning to have kids when married. It is important to pass on their genes. Wait don’t need anything”.