In the capital of the Far East easier to find sushi than borsch

Cosmopolitan, with a frankly Oriental spirit, Vladivostok is beyond the scope of almost all the stereotypes associated with tourism in Russia.

Due to its geographical position between Chinese colossus, the Korean Peninsula and the Japanese archipelago is the capital of the Russian Far East is a city where sushi and bibimbap is easier to find than borscht (a traditional beet soup).

On the slopes, reminiscent of San Francisco, glide Japanese and Korean cars, and at first the steering wheel is on the right — and this in a country with right-hand traffic.

Residential buildings of the Stalin times, not so much, but the service sector is rather different Eastern efficiency than carries the traits of the former Soviet system. To feel the atmosphere of the city, stroll through the old centre and along the promenade where you will find bars, kiosks and, weather permitting, local residents, tourists on the beach.

Make no mistake: the beaches here are far from perfect, and the water is icy even in summer. But the scenery, framed by sandy beaches and sidewalks, extraordinarily beautiful.


In the Central area of the city tangible signs of history. Vladivostok since Czarist times is the headquarters of the Russian Pacific fleet in the Soviet period (1922-1991), because of its strategic importance, was closed. Thus, a rich collection of buildings in neo-Baroque style and Neoclassicism of the late Imperial period was essentially intact.

Known as the Terminus of the longest railroad in the world, the TRANS-Siberian railway, railway station in 1891 after two decades, was remodelled to incorporate Baroque elements that distinguish the architectural style of the Yaroslavl station in Moscow, the starting point of the TRANS-Siberian railway.

Of the architectural ensemble of the city clearly stands out the building of the local administration, who grew up on the main square in 1983. There, on the square of the Fighters of the Revolution, is a monument in honor of the victory of the Reds in the civil war (1917-1922).

Vladivostok the last of the cities of old Russia surrendered to the Communists, forcing out a foreign garrisons allies of the monarchists who remained faithful to the deceased in the course of the revolution regime. This year Russia marks the centenary of the revolution.

If you go on the street, going from the square to the left (towards the sea), you will find yourself at the Gum, the city’s oldest Department store (1884), in the style of German art Nouveau.

One of the sights of Vladivostok as a major military base is a fully restored Soviet submarine world war II s-56, which can be viewed from the inside.

If you go for a walk around noon, you will be able to observe how a small garrison of Russian sailors under the anthem of the country produces few of the ceremonial cannon volleys, and powerful look at the cruiser “Varyag” in that case, if it is not on the job.

© RIA Novosti, Vitalii ANEC | go to fotoracconti the bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait to the island of Russian in Vladivostok

Another attraction for fans of military Affairs will be the island of Russian, which from the 19th century serves as the training base of the Russian fleet and has long been a closed territory. Built in 2012, the cable-stayed bridge, which is considered the largest bridge of its kind in the world, linked the island to the mainland — there is within the University campus was built business centre, which hosted the summit of the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation.

To the great chagrin of Vladimir Putin’s government, which spent on the construction of tens of billions of dollars, the integration of Russia into the Asia-Pacific region is especially successful you will not name. But on the island you can visit the century-old fortress with batteries, which were intended to repel the Japanese threat.

At night, numerous bars and clubs, which must have every self-respecting port city.

Here is more reminiscent of the Vladivostok Russia. Prostitutes as bait, secret fees and dodgeball-like characters from horror movies. However, a classic seaside pub “the Old Captain” (street of Lieutenant Schmidt, 17A) guarantees you entertainment for every taste.

The most interesting places located on a pedestrian street Admirala Fokina, such as Moonshine (street Svetlanskaya, 1), the best place for cocktails. The perfect gin and tonic will cost you 15 reais.

A cross between a hipster restaurant and bar, a café with a poetic name of Moloko & Med (at street Sukhanov, 6) offers quality services and European prices, besides here you can admire a wonderful view on the Golden horn, which is a topographic namesake Bay in Istanbul.

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