Lenin lives! Even 25 years after the collapse of the USSR, Lenin was still not in the grave

All post-Communist countries inherited much from this period of its history. Part of the heritage relics in the form of more or less transformed the Communist parties and the void remaining from the murdered victims. In addition, Russia has also “souvenir” in the form of the embalmed corpse of the founding father of the Soviet Union.

At the end of April in connection with the anniversary of the birth of Lenin again raised the question, isn’t it time to send the leader of the world proletariat to eternal rest, hiding from the eyes of the hungry sensations tourists. A proposal to bury Vladimir Lenin made the deputies of the State Duma of the presidential party “United Russia” and the far-right liberal democratic party of Vladimir Zhirinovsky. This initiative was a continuation of the recent appeal issued by representatives of the Russian foreign Orthodox churches, who believe that it was time “to release the Red square from the remains of the chief tormentor of the 20th century”.

The question in the spirit of Neruda: what to do with it?!

Lenin died in 1924. His death put the rest of the leaders of the world proletariat faced with the question of what to do next, because Vladimir Ulyanov (that was his real name) was the most famous of these is the Russian people loved him more than anyone, at least judging by the words of his biographer Robert Service. And then Stalin was born a great marketing plan to build the mausoleum of Lenin and turn on the model of Orthodox icons in a Holy relic. Thereby will be supported by continuity in the leadership of the country, and such a move would unite the citizens of the Soviet Union and Communist supporters around the world. The new religion of socialism will get his Holy.

The location of the mausoleum, which is a ugly cube, among the historical buildings that surrounded the Red square, in Moscow had a symbolic meaning. The Bolsheviks adopted the idea of the state of the tsarist Russia: autocracy — Orthodoxy — nationality. However, they have corrected the initial version of the Soviet “Holy Trinity”: the monarchy — communism — the proletariat, and the Central role here was played by the remains of a fighter for the Marxist “faith” — Lenin.

Forward left

The question arises, how much remains today from the real revolutionary, and how much falls on the wax and chemicals. Several attempts on the dead body, not to mention mechanical damage regular maintenance and dressing up in new clothes, is not conducive to the longevity of the mummy, which is already 147 years old.

Illustrative example is the urban legend of the Moscow guides: during the Second world war when the Nazi army was marching on Moscow, a decision was taken to evacuate the mausoleum in a safe place, somewhere on the road lost the hand of Lenin. Especially piquant that planted the stump was left so that the figure of the Soviet leader, or rather its remnants, will never be able to call for world revolution of the proletariat, because the right to do this just not worth it.

A favorite of the crowd

Decommunization after the collapse of the Soviet Union brought radical changes, however, did not affect marble-granite a celebrity on the red square. And although 90 years, this question raised more than once, the mausoleum never eliminated. The reason is partly the fact that many Russians believe that Lenin played in the history of their country positive role. According to a survey by independent Agency Levada, conducted at the end of April 2017, so say 56% of respondents. With admiration or sympathy for him are 44% of the respondents. Compared to previous years, the popularity of the first Soviet leader increased. However, this is true not only for modern Russia.

Wear t-shirt with the image of Lenin not cool

In other parts of the world many believe that Lenin was just a philosopher and political theorist, and violence in the Soviet Union began only with the arrival of Stalin. But it’s the opposite. It was Lenin, in his writings, and then in practice called for the use of most cruel forms of violence in the shortest time to reform society and bring it to the point where terror would no longer be needed. In other words, people have to be passive puppets who live their lives according to the standards of a Communist society, without interfering in politics. All worries about public Affairs that the society places on politicians, not at all interested in what is happening…

And this again brings us to the present. In a survey by the Levada Center, the most important is not the degree of popularity of the person, during whose reign, incidentally, began to establish the first camp for the elimination of political opponents, and the arguments due to which its popularity is growing. The main argument is ignorance. Ignorance, which is often based on a failure to recognize its history (as the discount on the yogurt in the prospectus is more important) and her present (because in the evening news talking mainly about animals). Modern Russian regime, in addition to mummy, I inherited the “Holy Trinity” of public ideas, which slightly changed: autocracy, capitalism, ignorance. And last, of course, is typical for most part of the world community.