People’s daily (China): a study by Harvard University about a new type of coronavirus contains many gaps

Recently the Western media published information about Harvard University study in which an analysis was conducted of the utilization of Parking spaces near the hospital in Wuhan and queries Chinese Internet users about the “cough” and “diarrhoea” in a search engine “Baidu” (Baidu). According to this analysis, the researchers admitted that the epidemic of the coronavirus could begin in Wuhan at the end of August last year.

Not to mention that this study is incorrect for epidemiology. More absurd was the fact that the message about the study was reprinted numerous Western media. In the study many incorrect details, but particular attention is drawn to the following:

First, the error in time. American scientists on the basis of the analysis of the flow of cars in Parking lots and data for keyword search have assumed that the spread of a new type of coronavirus began in August last year. We all know that in October of 2019 in the city of Wuhan hosted the world military games. If the coronavirus, according to the study, began to spread in August, the participants of the games would be able to feel it. Moreover, while some American soldiers were treated in one of hospitals of Wuhan.

Second, misunderstanding of the disease. In this study, as evidence presented data of one of the children’s hospitals of Wuhan. However, among the main patients a new type of coronavirus, children were relatively small. Obviously, the scientists who worked on the study, lacks basic knowledge about the disease.

Thirdly, it seems absurd analysis of the situation on the search for such key words as “cough” and “diarrhoea”. In the early stages of the disease novel coronavirus infection in people have a cough, but diarrhea is rare. In addition, regardless of cough or diarrhea, all symptoms eventually lead to pneumonia in the case of a new type of coronavirus. This study cannot explain why since August of last year for such a long time, these symptoms did not lead to pneumonia?

I am the expert group of professionals at a high level State Committee on issues of hygiene and health of China. On 18 January during a visit to the hospital, “Signing” Wuhan city hospital was not crowded, there was a free hospital bed. If the situation developed under the scenario, which suggests a us study, then hospitals would be overflowing.

Incorrect study came to light as a result of absurd logic. The report put forward a precondition that Wuhan is the source of the virus. If you don’t consider this condition and to analyze other cities, especially the analysis of the situation in one of the large American cities, the findings will be much more.

Scientists studies do not analyze the obvious data and phenomena that are closely associated with the disease, on the contrary, they found the data not related to the virus and inconclusive. This study can become a negative teaching material for epidemiology. The report’s many shortcomings, moreover, it needs careful study.

Even more amazing was the fact that this study has received wide-spread among the Western public, which indicates a high degree of selectivity to separate the Western media, as well as the lack of desire for the actual state of Affairs.

The study of a new type of coronavirus should be implemented by joint efforts of scientists of the world, not to provide a platform for individuals who play on the feelings and emotions of the public.

Zeng Guang — an expert team of specialists at a high level State Committee on issues of hygiene and health of PRC, former chief epidemiology expert at the Chinese center for control and prevention of diseases