What do the Ukrainians love their city

In Ukraine called the cities whose residents most proud of the place of residence. More than others, to be his hometown are proud residents of Vinnitsa — 60% off! In second place was the Kharkov (56%), the third — Lviv (54%). The five leaders completing the Uzhhorod (53%) and Sumy (49%). These results were obtained by the sociological group “Rating”, interviewing 19.2 thousand respondents in 22 regional centers of the country, as well as in Mariupol and Severodonetsk.

Other less pride in their native land the people living in the Kherson and Zaporozhye — for 20% of the respondents. Also at the end of the list were Kropiwnicki (22%), Severodonetsk (23%) and Nikolaev (25%). With 18% of Kherson residents believe that the city in General nothing to be proud of. In Zhytomyr such people less than 16% , Kropivnitskogo — 15% in Severodonetsk — 13%, and in Nikolaev — 11%. “A sense of pride in their own city is directly connected with the infrastructure: how it has a lot of attractions, parks, entertainment complexes, and how good the roads are. Because in the list of leaders were developed or large tourist attractive of the city, — says psychologist Lilia Voronin. — The outsiders those cities where few jobs and, consequently, little money, and those close to the combat zone”.

As for the reasons to be proud of, the more often respondents stated that their city “keeps the culture and traditions of a country or region” — this factor is leading in 17 of 24 regional centers, which were included in the study. Thus, the cultural heritage of the region praised the residents of Zhytomyr (51%), Zaporizhzhia (45%), Ivano-Frankivsk (53%), Kropiwnicki (35%), Lutsk (57%), Lviv (69%), Nikolaev (46%), Odessa (53%), Poltava (49%), Som (41%), Ternopil (53%), Kherson (32%), Cherkasy (40%), Chernivtsi (54%), Chernigov (42%), Mariupol (23%) and Severodonetsk (30%). Thus, according to the experts, these studies are often at odds with the real presence of cultural sites in the city. “This answer is so popular because generally, people are motivated by a Patriotic sense of belonging to their homeland, that is regardless of realities a person believes that his city is the best. Plus the cultural legacy of the respondents often referred not entirely cultural objects — for example, the largest zoo,” says Voronin.

Residents of four obltsentrov — Vinnitsa, Rivne, Kharkiv and Khmelnytskyi — I think that the main advantage of their city’s good living conditions. But the inhabitants of Kiev, Uzhhorod and Dnipro love their city because they attract tourists and guests. The Dnieper is the only city in the poll, where among the advantages of the townspeople often referred to as its attractiveness to investors.

Entertainment and fulfillment

According to psychologists, is an impact on the perception of residents of their own city capability varied to leisure. So, according to the poll, most were satisfied with the infrastructure of Vinnitsa residents — 61% of citizens evaluate it as “excellent” or “good.” On the second place respondents from Uzhgorod and Ivano-Frankivsk — 60% of positive ratings in each city. On third place came the luck — 54% of respondents satisfied with the entertainment.

Another important factor that affects the sympathy of the Ukrainians towards their city, — the possibility of self-realization. Here are the leaders luck (46% of respondents satisfied with the opportunities to do what you like), Ternopil — 41%, — 37%, Ivano-Frankivsk — 35%, Zhytomyr — 33%.