“Sberbank” wants to give businesses a new system of accounting is “1C”

Small and medium business in Ukraine, you may proceed to the end of the year new from “Oschadbank”, which allows to maintain accounting records. In an interview with “New time” said the Chairman of “Sberbank” Andrey Lush.

According to him, the Bank is developing a system which will be able to serve the small and medium business, but until it is tested, but is planned to be launched within a few months. He noted that it is an advanced Internet banking.

“Our system has Corplast, including, the module of accounting. That is, as our customer, you are not just able to make transfers, you can keep your managerial financial accounting”, – said the Lush.

The banker emphasized that the new system will allow you to communicate with the accounting system and to keep tax records.

Lush said that the move to this system, representatives of the business can the end of 2017, refusing to sanction the Russian program “1C”.

The Bank serves about 90 thousand companies in the SME segment.

After the imposition of sanctions against a number of Russian Internet resources, the company “1C” announced that they will not affect maintenance of software for accounting.

In turn, the experts and the lawyers explained that the accountants who set the program “1C”, will continue to use the product.