New stupidity trump

The word “impeachment” has long been lingering in the American air, but while on the press and any discussion of the matter went. The situation with the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey and possible attempt to put pressure on ex-official — times as a reason for impeachment. This is a classic case of obstructing justice. Obstruction of justice.

However, apart from the legal aspects, there are also the political aspects. While trump has not passed a conditional red line, the local establishment (especially the Republicans) does not make sense to start impeachment proceedings. Although the President of the United States if it pushes them to do their regular stupid and inexplicable actions.

Why was it necessary to meet in private with a war criminal Lavrov and chief of the Russian intelligence in the U.S. Kislyak? All these unpredictable actions of the President of the United States while going with it, and the American establishment is no consolidated opinion.

So while the future of trump is in the hands of the trump. But my observation of this man show that he has no self-control. This time. In matters of foreign policy is a completely uneducated and incompetent people. That’s two. Parts (unfortunately, he is not alone) the concept of America that Putin may not be the best friend of the United States, but it is “useful to us ally in the fight against Islamic terrorism.” That’s three.

Why was it necessary to meet in private with a war criminal Lavrov and chief of the Russian intelligence in the U.S. Kislyak?

And all these reasons, I think, would be to force the American President to do all the new nonsense, and thereby to aggravate their situation.

By the way, what trump is doing now in the middle East, yesterday in Saudi Arabia, and today in Israel, is responsible for the overall concept of establishment of Union of Saudi Arabia, the United States and Israel against Iran. Trump handled it quite disciplined and successful. These two days were under the banner of anti-Iranian Alliance.

By the way, trompowsky contradictions in the rhetoric of the more exposed in this situation. Yesterday, he said that one of the accusations against Iran, that they helped the Assad regime to commit heinous crimes against humanity in Syria. However, heinous crimes were committed by so-called air-space forces of Russia. And one of the worst war criminals, a wonderful Ribbentrop Pact, he was so warmly welcomed in the White house.

An eternity of sitting on two chairs to trump impossible — he will have to decide. And any attempt of rapprochement with the Kremlin is not only a red line but a red flag for the entire American establishment.