To stop the rapprochement between China and Russia

Resigned adviser to the President for national security Michael Flynn. There were fears that the US presidential Advisor Stephen Bannon will boost its influence on Donald trump. Last year, Bannon said that in 5-10 years the war between the US and China in the South China sea is inevitable. Thus he was very surprised by others. In this case, the United States needs allies with nuclear weapons. Increase the importance of nuclear superpower of Russia, which borders China.

The administration of the trump along with President Putin and destroy “the Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization — approx. ed.) will do so, Russia has ceased cooperation with Iran, and will not allow the development of the Ukrainian conflict. After that, Russia and the United States will contain China in the long term. This is a rather presumptuous idea.

The British magazine the Economist called it a courtship of Russia. On the cover — a black and white image of the leaders of Russia and the USA facing each other. Lips trump wearing red lipstick, and cheek Putin’s kiss mark on me. British newspaper mocked by the leaders of Russia and the United States.

Possible Russian cyber attack on the servers of the headquarters of the Democratic party helped Donald Trump win the presidential election. However, Putin cannot be trusted.

Which way now for the diplomacy of the administration of the tramp, which is rapprochement with Russia and cautious attitude toward China? To put it bluntly, this is the right way or wrong? A former senior official of the government of India, whom I met a few days ago in new Delhi, answered me my simple question: “trump your way. It is not encouraging, but not disappointing. Rather, it is important to prevent the rapprochement between Russia and China.”

During the meeting, experts from Japan, the US and India held in new Delhi, the focus of attention was the change in the administration’s strategy trump against China.

This dialogue was organized by the International Foundation Vivekananda. It was attended by the Japanese Institute of state and American Institute of the Hudson.

I had pre-formulated the idea, which is that for Japan, Russia can become an important strategic asset. However, if the West will give Ukraine a weapon, it is likely that Russia will decide to sell to China high-tech weaponry.

China may be the enemy for Russia, however, in light of the existence of a common enemy, the US, Russia and China may turn into a pseudo-Union to confront this enemy.

In order to weaken the power of the United States to Europe, Russia may have intended to strengthen China, to win over American forces in Asia. American experts in the security field believe that Russia could sell China the latest SU-35. If China will equip these fighters with anti-ship missiles and place them on the Fiery Cross reef and other regions of the South China sea, the American ships will have a hard time.

The Abe administration is trying to cooperate with Putin on the issue of “Northern territories”. There’s a strategic reason: to prevent the further expansion of China’s Maritime expansion, which became possible thanks to Russian-Chinese rapprochement. However, “plan of Bannon”, namely that Russia and the United States will contain China, is questionable. Similarly, Japan should not hope that Russia will exert pressure on China.

The Russian economy is currently experiencing a crisis. Russia’s population also continues to decline. Even if Russia ready to use military power, it is not strong enough to confront China. As noted by a former senior official of the Indian government necessary to prevent the rapprochement between China and Russia, and to cooperate with Asian countries that will bring General benefit of both Japan and the United States.