Tillerson called a historic visit by trump in Saudi Arabia

The main purpose of the visit of US President Donald trump in Saudi Arabia is to combat terrorism, said Secretary of state Rex Tillerson.

“There are specific commitments on how we will work together to defeat the DAIS to defeat terrorism here in the region as well as in other places,” said Tillerson, in an interview with TV channel “Fox news”.

While Tillerson has called the us President’s visit to Riyadh is “historic”.

Along with this, the Secretary explained that trump was not focused on the issue of human rights violations in the region.

“How do you solve these issues in the field of human rights and women’s rights, is the improvement of conditions in the region,” he said.

“Today the conditions in the region are under great pressure because of the threat of terrorism and the threat posed by Iran. But the main reason we are here today to confront the threat of terrorism. If we don’t defeat DAISH, if we do not defeat these forces of evil, there will be no conditions under which we could even hope to improve human rights in the region,” said Tillerson.