Syria: rocket attack USA with unclear consequences

Stating that the so-called “red lines” were violated on Tuesday in the result of the chemical attack ordered by Syrian regime, Donald trump has moved from words to deeds. At the risk of strengthening of Russian-Syrian block.

Donald trump or anti-Barack Obama. In less than three days after the chemical attack at Khan shaykhun, which killed at least 80 civilians, including 27 children, as the President of the United States ordered a missile attack, for the first time since the Syrian conflict in 2011. But one who is considered the isolationist, did not forget to warn Russia, an ally of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, but the Pentagon also said that we are talking about “surgical strikes” that do not necessarily indicate the beginning of a US military campaign in Syria.

Saying that in many places was broken by “red lines” in the chemical attack, which accused the Syrian regime, Donald trump has moved from words to deeds. The target was the airfield in Shayrat, a district of HOMS, which, according to the Pentagon, was made the chemical attack in Idlib province. It is possible that in the ranks of the army of Bashar al-Assad is losing. But not as many as in the previous unsuccessful attack against the US in September last year that killed more than 70 soldiers of the Syrian army near Deir ez-Zor.

In Damascus, state television called the missile strike 59 cruise missiles an “act of aggression”. The Syrian opposition, for its part, welcomed the change in American tactics, encouraging the continuation of bombings against the Syrian regime. However, there is no certainty that it will be heard. To respond point for chemical attack to “punish” the guilty is one thing. To launch a military adventure in the Syrian quagmire is another. What were the war aims? Quickly shift Bashar al-Assad? United States continues to oppose this, claiming that he has to go after political transition. Recently, however, U.S. officials have repeatedly stated that their priority in the short term remains the elimination of the Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.)still with a strong position in raqqa and other cities in Eastern Syria.

Large-scale military operation?

Now, this attack can negate all the efforts for a resolution of the UN Security Council condemning the Damascus for the crime that occurred Tuesday morning in Khan-Sayhun. Although Russian is still opposed such a resolution. Needed as soon as possible to make this attack, namely before the arrival of U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson in Moscow in the middle of next week.

Starting large-scale military operation in Syria — some openly require to block the Syrian air force — United States risk this time to face head-on with Russia, which had deployed air defense systems (s-400 and s-300). Although Washington needs Moscow to continue the offensive in Eastern Syria, where there are about thousands of US military advisers assisting Kurdish troops to liberate Raqqa. In the event of an escalation of violence, they will be a good target. And again. Not only Russian troops are on Syrian air bases, but also Iranian. Accordingly, there is a risk in the case of the Iranian losses that Tehran will respond quickly, taking his usual steps: apply an asymmetrical attack on American targets in Syria or elsewhere.


A deep dive into the Syrian conflict will lead to the fact that undermined after a chemical attack Russian-Syrian bloc will be restored. Although Moscow officially covers Damascus, a senior Russian officers resent on the ground in Syria, despite the fact that the diplomatic situation of their ally Assad has never been so favorable as after the statements from Washington that his care is no longer a priority. But today’s warning shows that this assumption is close to the truth according to the United States and may be and Moscow.