Part time job for the summer: looking for sailors in the United States, sellers of baklava and pest-fighting

“Today” has learned which job offers are most relevant and how much can you earn in the beach season.

According to experts, with April traditionally starts to grow the number of vacancies for part-time work for the summer. “Now there are about 1300 vacancies for request “seasonal work”. Traditionally when you are hiring service and hospitality. But the salary varies greatly depending on the resort region. For example, if you take such a popular “podrabotku” profession, like a chef, the Iron Port he will pay 5 thousand UAH, and his colleague in the village of Zatoka in the Odessa region — 12 thousand plus interest but still pay for accommodation and meals. A chef in Poland offer of 15 thousand UAH”, — told us the hr expert Tatyana Pashkina.

Traditionally the summer period a lot of jobs for students on vacation: the maid serves 3-5 thousand UAH, and the waiter at the bar — from 2,5 thousand UAH with food and accommodation, the sticker leaflets — from UAH 840 per week up to 4000 UAH per month, the hero “is able to lift a bag of cement” — from 4000 UAH, the janitor at the recreation center 3200 thousand UAH. But young and creative students, artists unable to earn money creating comics: over 60 pages of “turnkey” will pay $3000.

Looking for helpers on the farm for a month of work in the garden, with accommodation and partial meals, offered 6 thousand UAH, and for agricultural work to the candidate, without any bad habits willing to pay 4000 UAH.

Like mushrooms after the rain there part-time in a trade by the sea: an ice-cream seller can get for 8 thousand UAH per month, one day spilling the brew will pay 200 UAH, and on the beaches of Odessa and Koblevo looking for a seller of baklava and corn — serves 7 to 12 thousand UAH per month with accommodation.

Young and athletic guys can pay attention to jobs beach-boys (6 th), cleaners terraces and even the Manager of Luna Park (10 thousand UAH). And you can work as a teacher in a summer camp in Ukraine (from 5 thousand UAH) or animator in Turkey (15 thousand). By the way, the difference between Ukrainian and foreign wages is enormous: if sailors-rescuers, we offer up to 4.5 thousand UAH, for similar work in the United States will pay 92 thousand! “Because of this, we have difficult to find professionals with experience in small towns — Ukrainian employers have to compete with foreign seasonal staff, where salaries can reach 40-50 thousand UAH, — said Pashkina. But foreign employers are more loyal Mature job seekers: in announcements indicate a greater age, or to write “good physical condition”.

TOP 5 most enviable posts

Meanwhile, the labor market experts told about the top five most highly paid job in the spring. So, on the website most admirable was the work of IT specialists in international companies over six years of experience willing to pay 85 thousand UAH per month. Director of development at chemical companies are looking at a salary of 80 thousand UAH. In third place is the vacancy for head of digital marketing at a company producing electronic books with the payment of 78 thousand UAH, however, subject to a five-year experience. Manager export sales offer 70 thousand UAH, and the top five record closes, the vacancy of the General Director of the poultry farm of 50 thousand UAH per month, he will start the company from scratch.