Own boss: a neurosurgeon talked about the pros and cons of private medicine

Neurosurgeon from Kharkov Alexander Markov has worked in a city hospital emergency room virtually my entire adult life. But the more I worked, the more Intrusive flashed in mind: to achieve more in life, it’s time to roll out of the way of domestic medicine. “But then there was a revolution, a war. In February 2015, went to the front, in a mobile hospital, the mission of the MOH, — says a doctor. — Having returned, began to look for himself, even MPs ran”.

The variant was found quickly: a friend, a businessman offered to participate in the creation of a private clinic, and Alexander decided to try it. The word “rehabilitation” physicians-entrepreneurs don’t like: they called his creation restoration clinic. Several months later, they noted with surprise that the business began to go out on estimates and even faster ROI.

“Work by the rules of private medicine — laughing Markov. Personally, I other relationship with the patient no longer admit that.”


Alexander recalls: the project unit for the treatment of pain syndromes, which they implemented in the clinic, he once submitted to his superiors in the city hospital. But then his suggestion that leadership has taken.

How much money was spent to run the clinic, companions, don’t tell: trade secrets. But personally, Alexander Markov has a chance to do in a General case considerable contribution. “Content for the site fully I wrote, financial Affairs at first we too were themselves, had to learn accounting, plus all administrative work. And all this — in addition to direct medical practice and advanced training courses and seminars,” he says.

For advertising partners too, did not pay: it rests on the shoulders of Alexander and companions. “Leaflets are not carried, but to exploit the audience for their pages in social networks had maximum. Participated constantly in urban festivals, exhibitions and events,” he recalls. Although word of mouth still still adds to the ranks of the clinic’s clients are best recognized neurosurgeon.

Among patients their clinic the most local of Kharkiv, enough immigrants from Lugansk and Donetsk regions. “It is heavy to combine. But, on the other hand, feel realized, and this is very important. I’m a PhD researcher. And when a lot of knowledge but can not apply — this is extremely demoralizing,” he explains.


“All hard left gomediazine: so there really is sadness and sorrow”, — confessed Alexander. Until now, he combines work in the emergency hospital with private medicine and recognizes that every day that is given to him harder sooner or later have to make a choice, and there is no doubt that he would fall not in favor of the budget rates.

“Let’s be honest: health care of Ukraine lives at the expense of the “thanks” of the patients. Tired to be nervous, that will come and catch you in a thousand hryvnia, which thanked you for the operation, he admits. — And the money is not going to benefit: they don’t accumulate, leaving both got. Plus it’s casual — they can’t count to plan for life.”

Meanwhile, my own business develops, first in the clinic worked 2 rooms, then 3 a year later, she took the whole floor. Now being renovated and opens operating. Kharkiv medical facility has established relationships with well-known Israeli hospital, and she sends her his patients to rehabilitation (in Israel to recover expensive). Staff of 3 masters of all trades has grown to 10 professionals and there is even a shortage of personnel: the clinic is looking for new employees.


Became much less free time: the work goes on in the clinic and on duty. But now Alexander is constantly learning: there are new items, popular destinations, which a practicing physician, self-employed, be sure to read and adopt. Finally in his life, a place to work: “I write poetry. It used to be very important for me. But the work in the state structure, in which the frame and think in protocols, flight to the imagination limits. Creative is subject to persecution, beats off any hunting to do and generally very fucked up,” he says.
Has occurred and strong internal changes, says Alexander.

“My worldview was changed. I used to be a fighter for reform, actively participated in actions. Now this plan the ardor trifle less impressed I became a staunch liberal and believe that the state is the elephant in the room. In healthcare his attempts to control and regulate anything good do not bring, — explains his position Markov. — Private medicine is working ten times faster and more efficient than any government — because it acts on the basic rules of Commerce.”


You should not consider medicine as a hopeless industry. In any case, private — quite a lively market, capable of self-regulation, shares the observations of Alexander. “The most important thing in any deal is the satisfaction of both parties, that is, and the doctor and the patient. Give people the opportunity to pay you — believe me, they are willing to pay for services. And it’s much more honest than any form of solidarity Finance, he said. — People understand what you pay for. And appreciate it when a price list is available and the service quality”.

It is a mistake to think that the owners are forced to shake over every penny. “We can afford even to consult free of charge: their own masters! In addition to price, operate a flexible system of discounts. We provide free assistance to veterans of the ATO, kids, immigrants, — says Alexander. — While it is not the system — the decision taken in each case separately. But if there is a social demand, even a novice business, we can react to it”. Although the doctor and should not consider the following services absolutely free: as a “gain” in this case, the doctor gets valuable experience.

“Another tip: take the one way ticket. Trying to insure all sides lose that can really bring the maximum benefits, says co-founder of the clinic. — Risk diversification, of course, necessary. But only until it begins to harm the business in which to invest”.


On 1 March, the partners celebrated the first anniversary since the opening of his small clinic. For the year it was visited, according to their calculations, more than 400 patients. Before you join a private project, Alexander has worked in the emergency hospital for 20 years. Chief, and later co-founded the clinic, he was in my 45. Improving the skills for a new project, the first time he averaged 3 times a month went to training seminars.

The cost of the initial consultation in their clinic — 300 hryvnia. It is expensive for Kharkov, but the income is Alexander, even lost.

“The official salary now — 4 times higher than the rate in a place like that, where raising the minimum wage on average, the doctors were paid 2500 UAH. But the richer I became, the financial capacity of even the wane: it’s all pocket money, which, in fact, and the lives of nurses across the health system of Ukraine”.

But before the medic, he said, opened the great prospects.

“A year ago we were earning 8 times less today. That is, the momentum building up. And there are trends to ensure that the welfare will also increase,” he says.