McCain urged to stop the unpunished Russian intervention in the Affairs of other countries

Investigation of attempts by Russia’s intervention in the US presidential election and relations team of the current President with the Kremlin, should clearly establish the motives and methods of the Russians, and find a way to counter this tactic, which the Russian Federation applies worldwide without consequences for themselves. This belief was expressed on Sunday in an interview with ABC News, the President of the United States Senate Committee on Affairs of armed forces John McCain, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“We are aware of the fact, the Russians attempted to change the outcome of our elections, carrying out attacks on the fundamentals of democracy. We should know as we need to know why, and most importantly – we need to know what needs to be done to prevent such activities, they continue to lead in free countries around the world,” – said U.S. Senator.

In this regard, he stressed that the investigation, which is ongoing in the United States, should examine all aspects of the situation, including “priorities of the President of trump and other priorities, which, in the opinion of many of us, have a seat.”

McCain also noted that Russia’s intervention in international Affairs around the world is almost without consequences.

“They are success for themselves continue to dismember the Ukraine; they have succeeded in creating a significant impact in the middle East never had before; they have successfully intervened in our elections, and we know that they continue to do the same in the electoral processes in France and in other places. And still they either suffered minor, or even no punishment for all this,” said the Republican Senator.

However, he expressed confidence in the team on issues of national security in the new administration trump, noting that the President would be wise to listen to them.