In 2017, Ukraine is for Putin to remain in first place – the scientist

In 2017 the Russian aggression in Ukraine and Syria may increase, especially after the end of last year, the Russian and Syrian government held in Aleppo, which opposition forces have virtually ceased to control the city. About it in the comments Segodnaya said political analyst Yaroslav Makitra. Will the current situation in relations between Russia and the United States is now impossible to predict – it will depend on the actions of elected President of the USA of Donald trump after the inauguration.

According to Makitry, for Russia the task of the occupation of or control over Ukraine will remain in the first place – for the Russian leadership is an ideological issue, relevant for centuries.

“Ukraine will always be in the first place, even if it will not be noticeable for some action, – the Nut, – Putin (Russian President Vladimr Putin – Ed.) to the end, till his last days will look for mechanisms to do this. Another thing is – will he manage it. Ukraine, I believe, is and will remain the plan No. 1 for the Russian leadership,” – said the Nut.

However, the expert said, the probability of increased Russian aggression is relevant not only for Ukraine but also for Syria, which is not only a subject of economic interest for Russia, but also a kind of polygon. The confidence Putin can add the military operation in Aleppo, Syria, which resulted in the city almost left opposition forces, in control of the last four years.

“This could add to him (Putin – Ed.) strength and confidence in their own abilities, etc. Therefore, the scenarios may not be very comforting, if the West does not come up with a more significant and strong incentives to deter Putin,” – said the expert.

It should be noted that according to CNN, in response to the Kremlin’s actions in Eastern Europe, including the annexation of Crimea and support for the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, a group of U.S. senators representing the Republican and Democratic parties have prepared a draft law providing for new sanctions against Russia.

However, to predict at the moment, the development of relations between the US and Russia, especially after the inauguration of the President of the United States Donald trump is difficult, says the Nut. Bilateral relations can develop in an existing key, however the threat that they will be warmer there. In any case, to talk about the possibility of easing us sanctions against Russia too early, says the analyst.

“What now says trump may be just copresidents rhetoric, because the inauguration of the whole structure of power in the US could cause him to be less loyal to Putin,” said Nut.

The analyst notes that even if the position of the U.S. President and the American authorities will vary, he will be forced to listen to the us government. To date, among American officials, appointed trump is as loyal to Russia, and those who strongly opposed it. Therefore, to assess the policy of trump will do once he will take his first steps on a post of the US President after the inauguration.