The majority of French people are currently satisfied with the Macron – a survey

The popularity of the new President of France Emmanuel Makron has reached 62% and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe – 55%, according to a survey by Ifop, the Correspondent with reference to BFM-TV.

To the question “are You satisfied or dissatisfied with Emmanuel Macron on the post of the President of France” 12% said “very satisfied”, 50% of respondents said “fairly satisfied”.

20% of respondents admitted that they were “somewhat dissatisfied” and 11% “very dissatisfied”, 31% “dissatisfied”.

For comparison, Francois Hollande early in his term of office was pleased with 61% of citizens (in may 2012), Nicolas Sarkozy – 65% (in may 2007), Jacques Chirac – 51% (may 2002).

On the question of the commitment to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, 5% said they “very satisfied” and 50% “fully satisfied” that there are in total 55% “satisfied”.

We will remind, the President of France Emmanuel macron said that he intends to reform the European Union. According to him, the EU should become more diplomatic and democratic.