Theresa may begins negotiations on Brexia with provocations

Discuss the terms of Brexia began on 19 June in Brussels with the script very hard way. Members of the European Union expressed readiness to fight, and the British business community is still in severe turmoil, however, no one has confidence that she will go to the end.

Theresa may has decided to start on Monday negotiations on Brexia and instructed the Minister on the UK exit from the European Union David Davis (David Davis) to present and defend a hard scenario.

Many consider it a provocation. Any course change after the results of parliamentary elections are not visible.

This sudden decision surprised the representatives of Brussels, who believed that the British Prime Minister is asking for a continuance in view of the difficult situation in which they put themselves. But, maybe she is “the last battle of honor” before the change of policy? Not a fact…

The head of the EU representatives at the talks, Michel Barnier (Michel Barnier) was ready to give the British a few days or even weeks of delay, so that they could adjust its position.

But Theresa may about any delay cannot be considered. She did not wait even planned for the afternoon performances of the Queen on the occasion of the official opening of the parliamentary year (in London didn’t take it well), and even the formation of her government (one more provocation against the parliamentarians). The Prime Minister did not even want to wait for the formation of a more conciliatory project.

Thus, it is a big risk, but its position is shaken both inside the country and abroad.

With the help of early elections, it sought to strengthen its legitimacy, however, was lost as a result of belonging to the conservative majority and was forced to seek the support of the Irish party, which does not have such a clear position on Brexia. In other words, may have received as a result of the majority, which advocates for Pexit not as active as before because it consists of alliances.

At the European level, the leaders of several countries, including France and Germany, made it clear to Theresa may, what ready to take action in order for the Kingdom Mall not to withdraw from the EU.

Europe needs the UK… and she needs the European market.

Financial and industrial circles, as well as the youth movement of the UK do not miss the opportunity to re-claim alleviate this too hard ideological position.

Anyway, despite all this pressure and uncertainty, Theresa may decided to go to a frontal attack.

Thus, the Europeans, led by Michel Barnier, confirmed the terms “divorce” and in particular the associated amount. We are talking about approximately 100 billion euros that the UK will have to pay for an exit from the EU. Once she abandons the underlying EU freedoms, you lose European passport, which, in turn, deprives British goods and services free access to a large market. In addition, British citizens will lose their existing in Europe social benefits.

Fundamental freedoms include the freedom of movement of capital, goods, services and, most important, people.

Europeans started to work on Monday confident that Theresa may will remain at the original positions: full withdrawal from the European Union following the negotiations, which can be very heavy, because London does not necessarily can be the necessary economic and financial resources to carry out so hard Breccia.

Some Europeans, including the French, believe that Theresa may doesn’t want to seem vulnerable and seeks to prove that only she can spend out of the EU.

Financial circles of the city (they, too, are preparing to go and work in isolation from the continent) still believe that Breaksit will result in catastrophic consequences for the British people. Will be less economic growth, wealth, jobs…

They believe that Theresa may, faced with political difficulties that will be forced to resign at the beginning of the negotiations.

London economic press, in turn, is confident that the current situation and the future of the country has never been so dim. Surprisingly, the words “confusion” and “uncertainty” often slip it in the tabloids, which in the past had been very active for Brakcet…