Scientists warn about the dangers of electronic cigarettes

American scientists from the cancer center Vanderbilt-Ingram in Nashville proved once again the damage that can cause to human health electronic cigarette. It turned out that the chemical substances contained in the composition of the electron pair, contribute to the development of bladder cancer, writes “Orthodox”.

First, scientists welcomed the popularity of electronic cigarettes, believing that they will help to reduce the number of smokers and will save people from nicotine addiction. But, after many discoveries, the debate about the negative effects of electronic Smoking do not cease.

At this time, the researchers found in pairs, allocated by weepingly two substances that lead to tissue damage of the bladder. In the future they can lead to tumor formation. Harmful component was detected in the urine of 92% of electronic smokers. This study contradicts the statement that Waitangi can’t cause development of cancer.

Scientists who conducted a second study examined the effect of formaldehyde, nitrosamines and nicotine on DNA repair in the bladder. It turned out that e-cigarettes contribute to the degeneration of the damage in the tumor.