For a hundred: how to determine the lack of testosterone and to get rid of it

The loss of male power do not panic. Whatever the reason for the decreased testosterone levels, modern medicine is able to raise the amount of this vital for men hormone.

As you know Yuri Meeting, andrologist-sexologist, head of the clinic Men’s health, President of the Ukrainian Association of men’s health, Tatiana Maikova, neurologist, head of Medsite “Headache”, member of the European headache Federation, and Tatiana Mikheenko, independent psychologist of the highest category, a psychotherapist.


  • Diseases of the liver.
  • Irregularities in the thyroid and/or adrenal glands.
  • A different kind of problem in the brain.
  • Obesity (body mass index more to 24.99. The formula for BMI is weight (kg)/height in meters squared).
  • Diabetes.
  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Depression.
  • Sagging of the skin.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • The loss of memory.
  • Irritability.
  • Decreased libido.
  • Unexplained weight change (down or up).
  • Pain in the spine, legs, or hands.
  • The problems with erection.

    If you find three or more signs simultaneously, or within no more than 3-4 weeks, you need to hurry to the andrologist/sexologist and/or endocrinologist.

    Note: the reduction in testosterone in the presence of signs from 1st to 6th is adjusted exclusively with medication. If you have any liver disease, it converts some testosterone to the female hormone estrogen, and while it is not cured, the level of male hormones rises. If you have problems in paragraphs 7-15 the issue could be resolved by lifestyle changes. If they don’t disappear after you use the tips from our experts as testosterone still low (common: 12-33 nmol/l), the result of the analysis may be an indirect marker of what disease of the points 1-6 may soon develop, and are still in an embryonic stage and do not manifest themselves.


    Analysis to determine testosterone levels is to take in the morning: ideally from 8:00 to 9:00, when the amount of the hormone at the peak, but not later than 11:00 a.m. — after testosterone is rapidly declining and begins to rise only after 22:00.

    Do not eat for 8 hours before diagnosis, 24 hours exclude sports and hard physical labor for 4 hours and don’t smoke — otherwise the result will be incorrect.

    Analysis better to take several times in different clinics. The fact that a standardised method of measuring levels of androgens there, and testosterone levels may vary on different days. Different tests will give at least average.


    THE FIGHT AGAINST IRRESPONSIBILITY AND FEAR TO TAKE RISKS. The hypothalamus is responsible for emotions and control causal relationships. And with it is associated the pituitary gland to regulate the production of testosterone. Thus, if a man has a female worldview, afraid of risks and does not bother the fact that not fulfilling the promises, the level of testosterone will decrease: psychosomatic he took on the role of women. Because if you want to lose virility or increase it, change the way of thinking and living men.

    THE DECISION OF THE VITAL QUESTIONS UNTIL 12:00. It is no secret that human productivity is directly dependent on its level of health, as “feeling” his hormonal system is in direct correlation with such important systems as immune and Central nervous. Because important and big things to plan for early morning — before 9:00, but the maximum time is before 12:00. From 5:00 to 9:00 production of testosterone at its peak. This means that the man in the greatest shape, a good mood, he wants to “fight”. As a result, the chance that the case will be argued, is quite high. This will motivate him to new victories (strengthening men’s faith), the CNS will work like a clock, and therefore the hormone levels decrease will not (if no functional disorders in the body).

    EXCERCISE NEGATIVE. Acute situations provoke the man with the positive effects mentioned above. But if “nerves” is your everyday life, the brain includes an emergency mode and starts to hold and stimulate the production of adrenaline and cortisol at high level, so you wouldn’t break under the stress. Some peaks of stress hormones disrupts the production of testosterone. Therefore consider the plan to eliminate at least part of the negative aspects of your life.

    Visit the gym at least twice a week. It is necessary to use adrenaline, reducing its level. In addition, fiznagruzki improve through the normalization of blood circulation power bodies, including those responsible for the production of testosterone. But after training fatigue should be pleasant, otherwise you will drive the body to stress.

    Every night load the fingers. Pridomovaya something using fine motor skills. It is associated with speech apparatus, and in it, according to the laws of psychosomatics, stuck or unexpressed emotions scream, which was impossible due to certain reasons afford in a nervous situation, and your jaw was clamped. Through such linkages, the movement of the fingers “will disengage the teeth” plus using the skills you peacefully “procreates”.

    A QUARTER OF THE DIET IS MEAT. Smaller meals 5-6 times a day to improve metabolism, and as a result, the production of testosterone. While 3/4 of the diet — whole grains, fruits and vegetables with 2-3 tbsp of flax or olive oil. A 1/4 should consist of fish, cheese, eggs, cottage cheese and meat (ideally lean): a full synthesis of testosterone is not possible without cholesterol, and it contains only animal protein.

    SEX “DON’T WANT”. Of course, due to lack of testosterone decreases libido. But regular intercourse increases the level, which then increases the sex desire.