“Uncle fat”: Thailand vets save overfed by tourists macaque

In many parts of Thailand, monkeys are free to walk around, entertaining the tourists, who play with them and from time to time fed. Last month in local social networks there were photos of extremely obese macaques, which was immediately nicknamed “Uncle fat”. At the same time it was noticed and local animal rights activists. According to The Guardian, the animal had to catch and put on a strict diet – fast food and soda, which the monkey is fed up of tourists caused her severe obesity, life-threatening.

If normal weight this macaque is 9 pounds, then, “Uncle fat” weighed 23.

When to catch it was not easy – it turned out that fat monkeys – the leader of the pack, and the vet had to beat off with sticks from his “subordinates”, who also brought him food.

“After “Uncle fat” for some time, ate what he was fed tourists, he scored fat mass turned into some kind of benign tumor. He is now in critical condition – there is a high risk of heart disease and diabetes,” says the vet.

The monkey was put on a strict diet and hope to return it into the wild a few months later. Thai veterinarians urge tourists not to feed wild monkeys junk food that you eat yourself.