Five ways to get acquainted with a pretty girl on the street

Methods Dating girls can be quite different, and whichever one you choose, if you approach her in a good mood and be confident to smile – it is doomed to success, reports

Method 1.

The classic way of Dating with the cute girl in the street to ask her how to get to such and such a street, where a particular institution. Perhaps the method is not new, but proven. Well, if you are with a stranger will be on the way to do this, make sure that the street you’re looking for was in the direction of the motion of the girl with whom you wish to meet.

Method 2.

A great way to get acquainted with any girl on the street – an impromptu poll. To do this you need to think of a question or a few questions and come with them to the pretty lady. To look more convincing, you should be armed with a pen and a few sheets of A4, which will be recorded your questions and a survey of “previous respondents”.

Method 3.

You can get acquainted with the girl while waiting for their bus. Talk to the pretty particular about how good the day was or the opposite – not very. You can then ask, what kind of weather she loves.

Method 4.

To meet a girl to come over and tell her that you know a young man who really likes her, but he ashamed to admit his sympathy. Then invite ladies to the nearest café to experience this young man, and then imagine myself as the guy she likes.

Method 5.

For Dating with a pretty girl, you can choose the following method. Ask her to hold your portfolio to ensure that you could tie the supposedly loose lace. Until you do this, you can see the name of the girl and what she’s doing tonight.