Secrets of State: the machine gun of the US President and security for our VIP

Protection of VIPs is always, on the one hand, raises the curiosity of people is not as important, ordinary people, with another — shrouded in the mystery is understandable, dictated by safety. Below we will try to combine with one another, partly to satisfy the interest of readers to such a “sharp” theme, without violating the laws of Ukraine and state secrets.

Because top secret information about the existing VIP-personas, the highest officials of our country, then we will talk mainly about the days of the past, ex-managers. Recall that the security of VIPs in our country are officially engaged in State security. There is a quite open Act Gosohrany regulating the basic provisions. And details, of course, classified.

Still takes part in the protection, or rather, accompanied by top leaders of the country, the police (previously was engaged in the traffic police of the MIA of Ukraine). The scale, however, tuples are not the same… For our newspaper, the memories shared, the two former high-ranking officers, one was related to MVD, and the other to Gosohrany. To share their story difficult, because below we simply refer to our experts.

To begin with, that there are global rules to ensure the safety of persons who represent the state or for some reason they are entitled to state protection. According to the law in Ukraine 9 the state protects persons and their family members (they are listed in the Law on Gosohrany), but by the decree of the President, this list could be expanded. For example, there may come a politician, which is in danger (or just a suspicion), there often includes former top leaders of the country.


Presidents are subject Gosohrany for life, but the former Prime Minister or former head of BP, by law, are protected only 1 year since the completion of the mandate.

But very often this period is extended, not once, the current President, experts say. — Not a list, and each time a separate decree, also for a year. It closed, as well as service instructions, orders, say, on the order of events, having different security classifications. For example, former speaker of Parliament Ivan Plyushch GOU guarded until his death… In 2006, the list of protected individuals consisted of 28 persons. A separate provision of the law regulates the protection of foreign delegations and guests.

Screenshot. Whom does the Law on Gosohrany

But it’s all only about protection, which is not to be confused with escort of protected persons. That is not very long or tuple, followed by (hence the term) cars with flashing lights, the overlap of the streets and other attributes, is usually a good notice and is poorly perceived by the common people. In 2006 President Viktor Yushchenko has abolished the support of all but three protected persons: the President, Prime Minister and Parliament speaker. That is, they are tuples left, others — no. And modern the tuple is bound to be much shorter than the former. Two machines, one with the protected person, the police car without any special coloring, with flashing lights in front of the front grille and the vehicle (usually a minibus).

Separately addressed the issue of foreign delegations. If a state or official visit, definitely — protection support. If the visit is of a lower rank, for example, the delegation to arrive in the national security Council, then everything is solved separately. The head, for example, our national security Council requests the protection to the President, that allows (most of this deals with the Head of administration), makes an order and almost automatically (after received command of the interior Ministry) to the protection of such delegation is given to the accompaniment.

If the state or official visit, has developed a programme of meetings and the organization of safety, all involved on behalf of the President, distributed order…
“Direct route”. Support includes providing road safety while traveling delegation or a protected person: regulation of road traffic, the support of special machines and, where necessary, blocking traffic in certain places.

— With regard to the overlap of the streets: it is different in specific cases, — the expert continues. — Here, for example, when we planned the visit of the President of the United States, according to the regulations, blocking streets along the route of the motorcade was supposed to come three hours before departure of the convoy of vehicles from the airport “Borispol”! Moreover, this overlap was carried out at the request of the American side. Then our interior Ministry appealed to the Kiev regional and city administrations with a request to withdraw the motion there is something there at a certain time — it can only be the decision of local authorities. And then the whole procedure with the instructions of the utility “Kyivpastrans” underground railroad… Even if the path of the motorcade, where it intersects with the journeys. His task get, of course, and law enforcement. And so it was arranged for the arrival of the head of the White house.

If you go our protected person, the street is usually do not overlap in advance, unless there’s a big planned event like a parade or a visit to the Area…
With foreign delegations, especially a very high level, everything is different. For example, recall the unprecedented security measures during the visit of the Pope. The plane with the Hierarch of the Catholic Church only sat in Borispol, and already the entire route to the Mariinsky Palace was, as we say, “straight”, all traffic was blocked, and travel the rest of the convoy is organized only detours. And the motion was withdrawn in both directions! No car, except for the motorcade, these streets generally could not pass!

Study. Employee of the State guard reflects the attack


In General, the tuple of distinguished guests always builds the travelling party.

— That US President bill Clinton during his visit to Kyiv, the cortege consisted of more than 50 cars, say experts. — Who is there and where it went, we didn’t even…

Basic cars for very tall people accept side brings with him. The part then provides the Embassy of the country where a guest, part of our special garage. Moreover, on a reciprocal basis — if our delegation in the country will also get the machine for free, and here guests do not take money. If there is money — then there will be billed. Although there are nuances. Once we arrived the big delegation of a respected Eastern countries and asked for as much as 60 limousines! Our side answered: here 12 cars, as usual, free of charge, others — for money. They agreed…

By the way, the machines have not all “Mercedes”, at some point was “Opel omega”, as they say, take what is… True, there are the armored monster for tall persons they are, as a rule, had belonged to our first officials, then moved into the machines for foreign delegations.


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But it is, so to speak, for ordinary guests. For first person it is not so. First comes the advance party and with it arrive several limousines, to which our party in General does not have, even customs, because the equipment we have to do. Their secret service all inspects, tests. The only thing they request Ukraine gives permission for admission of weapons, they come with their trunks. And specific frequencies for operation of radio stations.

The arrival of the advance party depends on the volume of the program of the visit of a VIP guest. If he arrives in 2-3 days with an overnight stay, then the advanced group will have 2-3 weeks to study the terrain, routes, etc. If the person is flying to us on the day, “leaders” will arrive in a week. If very short visit for 3-4 hours, then for a few days…

If you remember the visit of U.S. President bill Clinton, first flew the plane with cargo and best group (cars, machinery, etc.). Then, a few days later, a plane with accompanying persons, including journalists, and in a few hours and the plane with the President.

Flying cars are stored either at the Embassy, if the area allows (as, for example, in the U.S. Embassy), either in the GONA (garage of special rules, where there are machines and our protected persons, there is a post UGOU and everything strictly). But very distinguished guests there are usually cars don’t pass, keep in embassies.

But the car is for our people, for example, in the Crimea, did not fly. They were either transported by train or they were on their own. If its not, then, even “empty”, without VIP, they provide support. The baton escort passed from region to region. That is going on in Kiev region — escort cars from there, he moved to Cherkasy, or, say, in Kharkov, there. But if the car protected person, accompanied necessarily by the notorious “Cobra”, a special unit of the MIA, directly from Kiev, for example, and across the country.

Before. The procession was accompanied by traffic police cars with flashing lights and sirens


Protection of existing VIPs solidly equipped, including heavy weapons. This, of course, not guns, but anything that can carry, carry and carry what you can shoot from a knee or hand. Machine guns, rocket launchers… So all over the world. When we came to Clinton, it was seen that the turrets for the rear window (it was open) mounted heavy machine gun.

The speed of the motorcade set the rules — 110 km/h But in practice this figure is rarely aged, usually go much faster. And this is not because it is chic, and just a safer, less likely to come under fire from a sniper or a terrorist. Besides, the program of visits of the first persons somewhere, even in our country, always extensive, and delays enough (to recall the unscheduled visit of President Viktor Yushchenko to the peasants who have treated him moonshine a day, which — coincidentally — is the day of the poisoning of Viktor Yushchenko). That chase at 200-220 km/h…

Sometimes the program changes the first person on the go. For example, is meeting with his participation, someone mentioned a particular industry or village in the context of the conversation. And the first person suddenly ordered: “Go there, on the spot view…”, the program goes to hell.

The Pontiff. Emergency protection the visit of Pope John Paul II to Ukraine in 2001


Here is an example of how the post was made one of the highest ranks of the black sea fleet of Ukraine. President Leonid Kuchma was vacationing in the Crimea. And there he was every day program. On one of the days was scheduled to visit the naval unit in the region of Sevastopol. As one of the participants on that trip who were riding ahead of the column, suddenly he noticed that a tuple is not going for him (as it should be according to the plan), and turned off somewhere to the right. Further direct speech:

— I barely caught up with the convoy fell behind. I can not understand anything, turmoil, nobody really says… Drove up to that same part, but not from the main transmission as planned and where already lined up an honor guard and trained other show. But from the rear, where no safety and a rusty gate… Leonid Danilovich gupal in at the gate with his foot, until there is someone to move… And the next day a decree is to remove the high order! It turned out, while driving, someone told the President from the front side of the gloss brought in part, and from the rear everything is bad… It could be the advance party of his guard, who checked it out and looked in the corners. So he ordered immediately to go myself to see. And made conclusions!
In these tuples were previously provided by staff car, usually a minivan. She walked in front of everyone, even GAI cars, miles in 2-3’s. There were people, thoroughly knowledgeable of the local situation and able to decide how to act if the situation has changed. It was, as a rule, the head of the local Ministry of internal Affairs, chief of regional SBU, usually first Deputy head of the administration, someone from the Protocol office of the… for Example, some demonstration blocked the road. Quickly consulted, the work of GAI, and now another road is clear… But, says one of the participants of such actions, President Kuchma, if the road was completely empty, made a comment: why again people are stopped from driving, do not block! So the cops that they are not abused, little by little, two or three cars were allowed from time to time. And public transportation is not removed, including long distance. But not heavy transport, trucks, fuel tankers, is prohibited.
And it is justified. Here was the situation in the South bridge, in 2007. Some official delegation has already left in the direction of Boryspil airport, when reporting on a bridge overturned truck, heading to the right coast! And completely blocked the roadway in that direction. Formed from a huge traffic jam. And the toffees went delegation! GAI was able to remove the truck, freeing at least strip. The tube is gradually resorbed, but still, the delegation traveled is 110 km per hour — 40! And foreigners could hardly explain why so…

Pro. Among specialists of the state guard of Ukraine, there are frogmen


When Leonid Kuchma came to his chaykino in the Chernihiv region, where the protection of “getting any” from his numerous relatives and namesakes. Is some kind of meeting in the same mode, anybody is not allowed. But one fits the other, show a passport, they say, I’m a cousin or uncle, surname Kuchma… As this is not allowed?

And the guards lived in the same chaykino, if the President was staying there, in the school gym, and the traffic police were on duty in cars. About food, toilet and other things looked after by the local authority. Always at the meetings before the arrival of President this was discussed: how many people, where to sleep, what to eat… But the middle circle, personal protection of the President, of course, there’s nothing left. If you worked the program of the visit, for example, in the plane, were able to relax a bit. And that is not personal protection, and, say, visiting that before the visit went on and did all the cooking. And personal and personal to all the time to be with the protected person and never on his shift to relax. Of course, the “individual competitors” from time to time change, change can be a few dozen people, and all of them probably about two hundred… So in the world. All of this determined in advance who is where and where to look.

Also painted on the Protocol, when and who meets or sees off the President. And these persons, Ministers and other officials are always required to arrive at the airport early, at least for ten minutes. They have no support, but numbers are known. When was gay, it was easier, machines these officials helped in the journey of intersections, and so It was called “passing control”, special call type “26 passed.”

And on the tarmac a long time ago, the Ministers can call in on cars, but then this rule was changed. Now near the hall of official delegations, there is a special passage equipped with a metal detector and all sorts of scanners, and an adjacent Parking lot, where officials leave the car. That is, the plane with the President can pass only the Minister, but not everyone, including the driver who came with him. And know everything: lighters, phones, weapons not to take with them, not miss…

The number of guards at designated by the law of persons is governed by the relevant orders, but when extending the term of protection, they are significantly less. Often two people closest, which is the family members. And often, when the security officially discontinued, dismissed from UGOU and remain “attached”. Who then pays this solves every one of those who guarded. And armed, often, premium firearms, so it is not with the cartridges run…