Russia gradually withdraw weapons from the Donbass – Grymchak

Russia is slowly winding down its military presence in the Donbas. This was stated in an interview with “Apostrophe” Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Yury Grymchak.

He noted that the areas of combat actions of the Russian military take out the most valuable weapons.


  • In Russia estimated the likelihood of the withdrawal of occupation troops from the Donbass

“For example, ruby – warfare systems. I had information that began to withdraw antibacteriene system. That is what we the Americans supplied, and in Russia, too, is possible. Not so much in the Russian army, it is quite scarce weapons. And very expensive. There was information about the fact that the Russians began to export its drones”, – Grimchak noted.

Earlier Yury Grymchak said that allegedly already decided on the withdrawal of Russian Federation troops from the Donbass, and she will have to perform this step.