Chuckles Putin over the United States on the controversy around Russia?

Washington — Even before official Washington was agitated by the accusation that the President trump last week illegally shared in the oval office secret information with Russian officials, the President himself began to think over what the unfolding campaign in the capital called “blame Russia” (All Things Russia) harm our country — and brings considerable dividends to the Kremlin.

“Russia is probably laughing secretly, — the President wrote trump on his Twitter page Thursday night, watching the United States tear itself apart about the excuses Democrats in connection with their defeat in the elections”.

These sentiments continue to spread.

“Everything you wanted to achieve as the Russian in the political arena of America and on the global stage, already occurred, wrote on the portal with Fox News Doug Shawn (Doug Schoen), is engaged in the analysis of public opinion for bill Clinton, now actively cooperating with Fox News.

Responding to a question about how the United States is “tearing itself apart”, the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer pointed out on the charges — until they were confirmed, but nevertheless are the subject of increasingly active investigation by the FBI regarding the fact that in the past year, the members of the electoral team of the trump allegedly acted in collusion with the Kremlin, trying to reduce the chances of victory of the candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton.

“This issue is constantly occurring, although often it was stated that there was no conspiracy, and yet, this narrative continue to support,” said Spicer. A conspiracy charge is, of course, not only connected with Russia a question that occupies the White house, the key committees in Congress, as well as intelligence and law enforcement communities.

Who have met with the agents of the Kremlin during the presidential campaign? Who gave the “drain” of data, what information was provided and what news Agency? Who escaped the investigation carried out in relation to ties with Russia? Not whether the Russian question became the reason of dismissal of FBI Director James Komi? Was there a secret those information that President trump shared with the Russian foreign Minister Lavrov? This metastatic damages incurred as a result of allegations and investigations and paralyzing national security apparatus of the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin, do not hide some of his surprise, offered his own assessment.

“We see that political schizophrenia develops in the United States, said the former KGB officer, at a press conference in Sochi — anything else I can’t explain the charges of the incumbent President that he gave Lavrov a secret Lavrov”. Putin, whose intentions remain unclear, proposed to grant to Congress, if the administration trump “deems it necessary”, what the Russian leader called a “transcript” of trump and Lavrov.

Russian experts reject the idea that the current discord in Washington, it was the explicit aim of Putin, when Russia first developed his plan to intervene in the presidential elections of 2016. First of all, as analysts underline, the Russian — like many other observers of American elections — I didn’t expect victory trump. The plans of the Kremlin regarding the intervention likely was made given the fact that Hillary Clinton will become President, and then expected a few to stir for her political water.

Controversial, focused on Russia, the climate in Washington is not favorable to Moscow in meaningful political terms. Continue to be in force those sanctions, which, Michael Flynn inappropriately discussed with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak and which caused the Flynn’s dismissal from the post of national security Advisor to the White house. In this capacity, Flynn worked for only 24 hours.

The first airstrike of the President of trump was plotted against Syria, a client state of Russia. Secretary Rex Tillerson and the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley actively oppose Russia on the world stage. After us intelligence concluded that for perfect last month in Syria of a deadly attack using chemical weapons was Bashar al-Assad, Hayley showed pictures of victims and asked, “How many more children need to die before Russia will pay attention to it?”

“If the Russians wanted to be the number one topic in conversations… then they have achieved that goal,” said Angela Stent (Angela Stent), for many years worked in the state Department and the national intelligence Council and now heads of the Russian and East European studies at Georgetown University. But I would also say that it didn’t go exactly how they wanted to… Because all these Russian investigations that we are currently undergoing, means that a President trump and the people around him who believe that the time has come to establish new relations with Russia — was forced to postpone this question and not to engage them.”

In her opinion, the situation was complicated.

“Now it will be much harder to do than expected both sides,” she added.

James Rosen is Fox News Channel in 1999. Currently he is a senior correspondent in Washington, and as a leading online show “The Foxhole”.