Song against protests in Russia: “do Not go, boy, politics”

A cautionary song Wax lasts about four minutes. 29-year-old singer stands in sharp suits and retracted in a bun, blond hair, with flowing hair, a shiny jacket and short shorts. “Learn from the mistakes of the not too late never,” she sings.

Error — so VOX calls part in the protests in Russia.

In late March, thousands of young Russians, students took to the streets in 83 cities to protest against corruption. For the Kremlin it was a surprise, because the generation that knows only Russia under Putin’s leadership, was considered apolitical. And here are the conclusions: as shown by a recent study of the Center for economic and political reforms 40% of the respondents in the age from 14 till 30 years remains ready to participate in protests or support them.

On June 12 the Day of Russia, Alexei Navalny, self-proclaimed presidential candidate, urges to go to new rallies to take place in 193 cities. Young Russians are ready to protest groups in social networks VKontakte, on channels in the Telegram.

They are not afraid of that many detainees in March, the demonstrators waited for fines, some were police. Also they resented the attempts of the teachers, professors to tame students, supporting Navalny. Attempts such Patriotic education, as it was at the end of March in Tomsk, when the teacher spoke out against liberalism and called the students “fascists” and “national traitors”, was instantly circulated in social networks.

Just a puppet?

New video by Russian singer Alisa VOX “the Kid” was a new attempt to set up against the protests — and look as if it has nothing to do with politics.

VOKS until last year she was a soloist of the famous band “Leningrad”, while its founder Sergei Shnurov have not kicked. Too many “star” — he commented on his decision. But VOX does not agree with this rationale. According to her, she decided to leave the band. And here is the VOX acts independently of the national anthem against the protests, which criticized not only the Cords.

In a fairly accessible rockpop rhythms VOX calls to stay away from politics. She’s mocking a young man who participated in the protests: “he’s just a puppet”. The student can’t even write without errors and failed the history exam, but in his eyes the anger, sing the VOX. The chorus is sung: “my heart wants to change, start with yourself”. On VOX promises: “Freedom, money, girls — all will, even the power! Do not go, baby, policy, come, teach materiel”.

“Freedom lies a mistake”

Video Alice VOX has already gained over 1.5 million views. However, to comment on it, the singer has blocked the function. That probably is due to the fact that the reaction on social networks was negative.

“Absolute nonsense” is one of the most soft reviews. In other expressed outrage at the fact that VOX denies the ability of young people to form their own opinion and to Express it. Cords commented on the video of the former colleagues even in the verses: “Live, children, they say, not very, in freedom lies the bug, Kids are not stupid, garbage will not be there.”

An order from the Kremlin?

Vaux said in an interview with Spiegel Online that she came up with the song, it’s not political, but rather “ironic”. She wanted to show, that it was necessary to establish order in their lives and to be able to achieve something, to get an education, to be responsible and wise to submit his citizenship.

The question is whether the error part in the demonstration Bulk, she didn’t answer. “It’s policy”. This is one of the manifestations of Russian absurdity— when allegedly it is possible to be both apolitical and political.

In the version of the VOX, meanwhile, had serious doubts. Patriotic projects in Russia can promote the growth of career, is becoming more and more indications that the clip was commissioned by the circles close to the Kremlin.

Where is the money?

Two critical Russian media Meduza and “Rain”, citing various sources, reported that persons from the environment of the Kremlin paid the VOX and musicians two million rubles. “Rain” even pointed out a former employee of the Kremlin administration, who was a member of the Pro-Kremlin youth organization “Nashi”. He allegedly even participated in this musical project.

Navalny wrote in his blog that the Kremlin could order this song. He pointed out that recently there was a song rapper bird, which speaks of “the majors on poles.” On March 26 the participants of the protests in Moscow, climbed on lamp posts, where they shot cops.

Possible connections with the Kremlin VOKS has previously called pure “conspiracy theory”. “In this country, I do not support any political party,” she said. Its representative appeared on Tuesday, the messages “nonsense.” However who produced the clip and where did the money for its production, to say he refused.