Known Chechen estimated the chances of the APU in the confrontation with Russia

Ukraine can successfully resist the Russian army until the case goes to a full-scale war, which Moscow would drop out of aviation. This opinion was expressed in an interview with “Apostrophe” former fighter regiment “Kiev” volunteer battalion behalf of Dzhokhar Dudayev, Chechen Amina Okueva.

“Based on what is happening in the East of Ukraine, we are quite able to resist. Our army is already trained, fired, has all the necessary weapons, supplies to keep what that side is now. But if to speak about full-scale war, with aircraft and, God forbid, nuclear missiles – I find it difficult to assess. However, based on what I heard from the Ukrainian military leaders, they are more inclined to think that in the case of the war we have very hard,” said Okueva.

In her opinion, the Ukrainian authorities are trying to achieve in the negotiations that Ukraine has not reached the stage of full-scale war.

“My opinion: still a fair fight with Russia – is not the best option. After all, they are honest will never be. Plus they are, after all, in contrast to Ukraine, for many years in his army put most of their budget. And we still need time to get stronger. I am inclined to think that the army must be professional and we are on the way to this, to a contract army. I would like to have implemented NATO standards…” – said the Chechen.

As it is told earlier, when the war in the Donbass. In her opinion, Ukraine will fight Russia until, until there will not change the political system.